Best Home Security Devices of 2018:

Interested in home security automations but don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place.


What is a Home Security Device?


Thanks to advances in the smart home technology and home security devices, you can now monitor your home from afar, no matter where you are in the world. This includes alarms, cameras, motion sensors and more. There are limitless options when it comes to protecting your loved ones at home.


To see the benefits of home security devices or systems, see our previous article, Outsmarting Homes with Home Security.




  1. Amazon Echo. The Amazon Echo is a Bluetooth speaker powered by Alexa, which is the voice assistant for Amazon. Alexa works with a number of smart home devices directly, and you can use Alexa to control most gadgets in your home by the sound of your voice.


  1. Nest Protect 2nd Generation Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm. The Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm is a stylish take on a traditional hockey puck style of a smoke detector. It directs the alerts to your home, has motion activated night light, and many more.


  1. Wink Hub 2. Wink Hub 2 works with devices that use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, as well as Z-Wave, Zigbee, Lutron Clear Connect, and Kidde. It is also made for the future; that just about includes everything in the smart home spectrum.


  1. Schlage Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt with Built-In Alarm. This Touchscreen Deadbolt can make your life a little easier. Not only will your home be protected while you are away, but you no longer have to worry about accidentally locking yourself out of your own house.


  1. Logitech Harmony Elite. Prefer controlling things by pushing buttons? The Logitech Harmony Elite is the best universal remote for a reason, it controls more than just the TV or the stereo!


  1. Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell. You can answer the door remotely with a smartphone, and it includes motion sensor alert. You can not only see who’s at the door before you answer, but talk to them if you can’t answer!


Living in Luxury: Regal and Grand Style Tips


A beautiful, luxurious home doesn’t have to be on a 100-acre plot of land or carry pristine marble statues. Adjusting various things such as soaring ceiling lights, elegant tile work, beautiful woodwork; these are things that create drama in architecture.


Luxurious sheets. One of the easiest ways to jazz up your bedroom is to outfit your bed with crisp white sheets, that are at least 300 thread count.


Elegant, flowy drapes. Think of the priceless antiques or sky-high ceilings that scream elegance and opulence. Add that same attention to detail with flowy, regal drapes.


Molding and Trim. Molding and trim are two of the most common tactics used to transform a room from a boring room into a more comfortable space. There are some few trims you could consider adding into your home:

  • Baseboards
  • Casing
  • Crown molding
  • Chair rails


When you do choose your molding, make sure to get the proper measurements. Once you finished the installation, take care of it by matching paint or stain on all your molding in order to achieve a more cohesive look.


Symmetrical home design. One of the most distinguishing features in a luxurious home is the symmetry of windows, furnitures, artwork or flooring. They are often arranged in exact pairs on a straight axis around the room.

A central focal point draws the eyes in a formal styled interior. Perhaps it’s a beautiful picture window looking out to a perfect horizon, or a fireplace in the center of the longest wall, or perhaps it’s one exquisite piece of furniture.


Paint, color matters. Perhaps one of the most difficult decisions to make when decorating a room is paint color. Red is a symbolic color for nobility, and it’s bold and scholarly. Reds or maybe a tinge of orange can work well on home accents, some pieces of furniture, or doors. Darker or purple-ish reds can word well as throw blankets, rugs, or accent walls.


Comfort and elegance of pillows. The comfort aspects of pillows speak for itself, that is, if you choose pillows that are large enough to rest on and are soft. Large and overstuffed pillows can create a very plush, luxurious appearance.


Don’t skimp out on accessories. Decorative accessories are used to add a formal look to a room. Add ruffles and tassels on accessories such as tablecloths and table-runners. Choose shiny metals, plates, vases, or leather-bound books to decorate your shelves. Wooden inlay and marquetry, gold ornamentation, and polished brass hardware are all hallmarks of formal pieces.


If you like an elegant and luxurious formal style, find ways to incorporate some of it into your home!

The Process of Buying a Home from Showcase Homes

Thank you for looking at our beautiful array of homes! We strive to make the process of buying a modular or manufactured home more simplified and understandable, while giving you the time you need to complete purchasing at your own pace!

Choose a floor plan, make your own, or choose a move-in ready home on our lot. One option is to select a floor plan! There are hundreds available out on the internet, or we can even help you make your own! Once you know what kind of home you’d like, you can easily find out the final price for your home, including customizable options, by consulting us here at Showcase Homes. We’ll help you find the perfect home that fits all your needs.

Developing a budget. More than likely, the base price of your home will be the biggest cost. The next will be the options you have selected for your home. Following that, there will be the delivery to your home destination and the foundation. There also may be unexpected costs, such as the tap fee. Give yourself some elbow room in your budgeting! Our staff can help you get a close estimate on the home including the options as well as the site-built costs! Additionally, once you qualify for a loan, it can help us come up with a more accurate budget.

Receive the financing. Now you have a general sense of what you need to borrow, we can help you find a loan you can afford from a bank you can trust.

Construction budget. Once you are qualified to a loan, you will be able to finalize your budget by obtaining the bids from the contractors.

Start building your home! This is the best part about our home buying process! You’re finally ready to order your home and begin building it on your desired homesite. We will double check the options, or any documents for changes, and then send the final order to the factory. We carry many different manufacturers, so the duration of when your home will be finished can vary; however, building our homes are significantly faster than any site-built homes. Ask one of our sales representatives as well, as the build-time can also depend on the season.

Small Space Solutions for Every Room


Organization. An analysis of all the items you own or bough throughout the years can be helpful when you’d like to get rid of things that don’t really have a function or sentimental value. With all the items you’ve bought, some of them may not be ever used. Be confident and remove anything that carries no value or function. Organizing the stuff you have left will be easier now that clutter is no longer accumulating.

Image via Unsplash


Scale. Visualize the size of the objects in relation to on another – is key to a decorating and organizing a small room successfully. Avoiding objects such as oversize furniture can help you not eat up a large amount of floor space. However, don’t think that you need everything to be small-sized. Including a mix of small to medium sized furniture can really help spice up your room! Remember that scale is always relative, so be sure to always take room measurements when buying furniture.

Image via Unsplash


Use of lighting. Dark lighting can make a room look much more small and enclosed; but adding an effective light can give the illusion of additional space. Overhead lighting is lovely; however, it only illuminates the center of the room and leaves the corners dark. Incorporating a table or floor lamps can illuminate corners and can make the rooms look much larger.

Image via Unsplash


Create counter space. Perhaps you don’t have enough counter space in your bathroom your kitchen. That’s no problem! For a temporary solution, using a store-bought island countertop can make up for the lack of storage. Bar carts on wheels or a small foldable table can give you that extra space-saving capabilities!

Image via


Colors. Much like lighting, adding lighter colors can give the illusion of spaciousness to a room. Having your decorating scheme be full of light colors and then using one piece or accent wall in a dark color can give visual interest. Adding a darker accent wall well bring in some boldness and excitement to a room, giving a room so much uniqueness that the size of the room may become irrelevant!

Image via Unsplash


Utilize shelving. If you find yourself running out of space, don’t be shy to try out open shelving! Add a bookshelf to your kitchen, pantry, bedroom, or even bathroom for your most used items! The display doubles as a décor, and you won’t have to dig through your cabinets looking for your favorite coffee mug or skincare product.

Image via


Avoid patterns. Much like clutter, too frequent of patterns may emphasize the small space. Very tiny patterns can be acceptable as they blend the rooms together and make it appear quirkier. However, avoid large or bold patterns as they can be too distracting in a small space. Using a monochromatic color scheme is best for a simpler and less distracting space.

Image via Unsplash


Add function to your belongings. Add and functionality AND style to your space! Investing in a murphy table can also work perfectly as a small kitchen corner and a small storage space! This is a great, quick set up for any down-sized nesters.

Image via Osborne Architects


Make use of corners. Nooks and crannies are deemed as adorable in small spaces, but how could you utilize them? Introduce a very quirky style of eat-in kitchen with a built- in booth, or perhaps a little window seating. Use a moveable bench and chair to allow for easy clean up and mobility.

Image via Unsplash


Opening spaces. Of course, keeping your home clutter free and adding storage to your home can most certainly make your rooms look spacious, but you also should also open up space for an easy to manage traffic that encourages movement throughout your house. If your guests have enough places to sit and enough room to freely move their feet and arms, it doesn’t matter if the room is small or not. A smaller room can seem much more inviting and cozy in this situation.


Double up storages. Use that wasted space in your home as storage! Utilize those drawers that are built beneath daybeds, couches, and other various furniture. Put away those extra linens, files, miscellaneous items, and so on within these efficient storage spaces.

Image via Malcolm Davis Architecture

Don’t think “small.” If you scale down all your furniture, this only draws attention to how small your living space is. Rather focusing on the smaller aspects, incorporate some huge and bold elements in your home! Look for oversized couches, or a large entertainment system, a large piece of artwork; but only pick one element., not all of it. By adding something with a big size, make that piece the focal point in your room to distract them from how small the room is.

Image via Unsplash


These small space decorating ideas, storage solutions, and finds will help you maximize your living space regardless of the size of your humble domain!

It Doesn’t Get Any Easier Than This! Buying and Customizing a Move-in Ready Home

Many of our customers come to us to help build and customize modular homes for their new plot of our land. However, another way to get a newly built modular home is to view our pre-existing models! The move-in ready homes are new construction homes that are complete or near completion, which makes them ready to be bought and moved in. This is a very beneficial sale; all the utilities are in place, all that needs are for a home site to be selected and our model to be bought!


Benefits of a Move-in Ready Home:


Construction Time. The framework of our lives often guides the homebuying process. Are you planning to relocate for a job? Do you plan on moving before your kids start school? Is there a deadline you need to meet for the move in? These questions can be quickly answered: If you don’t have the time to wait, then building a new home may not be the right option for you. However, if time is of the essence, buying a move-in ready home is the perfect option!


Complexity. The process of building a new home can be a little bit more of a complex process. As a homeowner, you are responsible for choosing each in-home customization, which can be fun but also time consuming. So, if you’re busy raising a family or perhaps focusing on your career, buying a move-in ready model from us will give you the benefits you need with less stress!


Cost-effectiveness. Customizing everything in your home, although it is fun, can cost more than purchasing a move-in ready home. Not too much of a difference, since our models are relatively affordable, but every penny counts!


How to Customize a Move-in Ready Home:


Despite not being able to customize your whole house, you still have some options that are available:


Cabinetry and fixtures. Showcase Homes’ manufacturers offers high quality options for an affordable price, and we can help you get it! These options include tile countertops, laminate countertops, or perhaps even a surface countertop. Pick and choose the looks that best fit your style, and we’ll be able to help you pull off the perfect décor for your home.

Flooring. Carpets are available with many different colors and varieties. Or perhaps you’re more interested in laminate or ceramic tile, which is also an option as well.

Colors. You may also have the option to choose colors that complement the style of your home! The color options are from a wide spectrum, including the most popular hues you could want to make your home more unique.

Our Showcase Homes move-in ready homes are spacious, beautiful, and economical and built the best to stand through the test of time. The customization options can help you to make you buy the perfect home for you and your family!

For more information about our modular and manufactured homes, contact us at 518-580-1305 or join us on Facebook!

The Rise of Modular Homes


Modular homes are experiencing a new surge of popularity, due to some of the latest developments in the industry. For those who don’t know what a modular home is, it’s a home constructed almost entirely within a controlled factor, that is later shipped to the plot of land.


Communities all around the world are catching on to the idea that modular homes are the real solution to rising property values. They carry many benefits: faster construction, eco-friendly benefits, and usually costs lower than traditional homes.


So why are they rising to popularity?


Anyone knows that building or renovating a home can be a process that is always unpredictable, with huge amounts of costs and errors through construction causing the most problems. The modular homes we carry are both affordable and carries high-end appliances. However, the benefits go beyond just saving money. As concerns for our environment grows, our modular home manufacturers seek new techniques to offer an eco-friendlier construction. Additionally, there’s less traffic and noise pollution, due to fewer deliveries being made to the site.

There’s also cost savings. Due to fewer wasted materials from being exposed to weather, and with that comes lower labor costs; there are huge amounts money saved when choosing a modular home over traditional stick-built home.

What’s the future of modular construction?

With the large and rapid increase of popularity with modular homes, the sky’s the limit! As more and more of the population recognize the benefits of modular construction, the only way for the industry is up.

Save Energy and Money with LED Lights


Switching from traditional, energy-sucking lighting to high efficiency LED lighting is one of the easiest changes that could benefit your home greatly.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, there are several benefits to replacing to LED replacement bulbs:
1. Energy saving
2. Money saving
3. LED lights last longer

So how does LED lights differ from regular light bulbs? LED stands for “light emitting diode.” A widespread use of LED lighting can greatly and fundamentally impact the future of lighting in your household, by using at least 75% less energy than traditional lights, and lasts 25 times longer than regular light bulbs.

So how are they different? According to the Department of Energy:
1. LED lights are small and is typically used to make white light.
2. LED lights emit in a specific direction. This reduces the need for reflectors and diffusers.
3. LED lights emit less light than traditional light bulbs.