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Tips to Get your House Ready for the Fall

  We still have a few weeks left of warm weather, but those chilly months are just around the corner. I mean, it’s already mid-August! Cooler temperatures are on their way, and pretty soon falling leaves will serve as a reminder that autumn is approaching. A bit of attention now will save costly repairs and […]

How to Decorate Around the Big Screens

  1.      Pallet Accent Wall   Create a pallet accent wall to mount your TV on! With the whole wall covered in wood, it can give you the rustic feel you are looking for!   Photo by Bardes Interiors – Look for living room design inspiration   2.      Use a Wall Unit   Specifically, a […]

Resilient Homes

  One of the biggest misconceptions about modular homes is that they fall apart easily. Newer modular homes are built as strong as or even stronger than traditional site-built homes. The house design for modular homes are individually made to meet the local code requirements to adapt to the natural terrain and utilizing foundation options […]

Rain Gutters for Your Modular Home

  What Do They Do?   Most people would think that the purpose of rain gutters it to protect the side of their home, but actually it’s to protect the home’s foundation by channeling the water away from the foundation. If it was otherwise, the water that’s running off the roof will dig a ditch […]

Customizable Floor Plans and Its Affordability

  Traditional Homes That Are Custom Built Are Expensive   A custom-built home is best known for its shocking price tag associated with it. Factoring in design professionals, architects, and cost of each square foot; you’re looking at a price ranging high! However, this is JUST for designing the home, keep in mind you have […]

Determining your Budget with Modular Homes

  If you are considering on building or buying a new modular home, and want to determine your modular home budget, perhaps start by shopping for financing and a lot to build on.   Shopping for Finance   When you are speaking to your mortgage lender to determine how much you can borrow, you should […]

How Long Does It Take to Build a Modular Home?

  One way our manufacturers build efficiently, is because most of their materials are cut and measured for the building process. Appliances, cabinetry, and many more are constructed by trained craftsmen and are ready to be properly installed within your home.   Why Does Construction Time Vary?   As you may have already seen, we […]

How to Spice Up Your Outdoor Living Space

  In the summer, more people are drawn to spending more time outside in their backyard! However, how can you enjoy the outdoors without having the space as comfortable as you’d like? Find out how you can spice up your backyard here:   Hang unique sconces. Add some unique accents overhead and extend your outdoor […]

Window Ideas for your New Modular or Manufactured Home

  Whether you’re building your home from scratch, choosing a pre-made floorplan, or moving into a move-in ready home, windows will be an important aspect in your design. For windows, home builders across the country use materials such as vinyl, wood, and fiberglass. Windows provide more than just the basic functions, such as providing a […]