4 Tips on Defining and Dividing Space in an Open Floor Plan


Open floor plans are filled with infinite opportunities and ideas, and sometimes it can get very overwhelming. The multifunctionality and feeling of extra space with open rooms are impactful, but there are downsides. They can potentially look unstructured and unflattering if not done well; but worry not, there are many opportunities to turn your open floor plan beautiful! There are many ways to create a sense of division between the different zones in your home to give the appearance of having different spaces without having to put up any walls.


Arrange your Furnitures

The arrangement of your furniture can be an important too when trying to definite space in an open floor plan. Placing furniture closely causes the brain to process those pieces as a group. Another simple way to make two areas of a home feel divided is by placing the furniture in each area away from the other. People often think large pieces of furnitures should sit against a wall facing towards the center of the room but facing the large pieces out towards the wall can help act as a division of space. Perhaps you can use a sofa, table, etc. can be used as a room divider when being placed in the center of the room.



Color Coding your Spaces

You can also definite spaces from the use of color, which can be added through paint, wall décor and hangings, furniture, accent pieces or walls, or wallpaper. Make sure you keep a color palette that harmonizes well with all other spaces. Include different shades of the same color or overlapping colors. An accent wall can add an impactful feature. We tend to pay more attention to vertical surfaces (like walls) rather than floors.



Utilize Screens, Half Walls, and Dividers

A standing divider, screen, or half wall can divide up space without blocking slight lines to make the room appear much smaller than it is. Another idea is using a flowy, hanging curtain to enclose the bed at night. Even with a simple material, it can look modern. However, if you want total enclosure and separation, try closing up just the area with a opaquer screen. Closing off rooms or furniture like this, especially the bedroom, the space can become a cozy, comfy little space.



Use of Rugs

Rugs are wonderful for defining specific areas and making them separated from their surroundings. For example, placing a rug under a seating area can help you tie the furniture together into a group. Creating divisions on the ground can create a drawing line between different spaces.