8 Design Tips for a Modular Home

One of the nicest things about buying a new modular home is that you’re starting with a clean slate. On the other hand, it can also be intimidating. Whether excited to decorate your new home or dreading the thought, the good thing about decorating the home you can customize is that you have quite a bit of time to consider the options. Take advantage of being able to completely customize your modular home; we can help your house stand out and feel like home here at Showcase Homes.

1. Painting the Exterior:

A good paint job can change drastically the look and feel of the house. Not only does it have a major effect to how your house looks, but it can influence your mood every day.

2. Having a Front Porch:

Adding a front porch can exceedingly change the overall look of your

modular home. Adding a porch can give your home extra living space and an inviting feeling for your guests and family.

3. Having Dormers:

Dormers can be an inexpensive way to add character to your newly bought modular home! Dormers can be functional and decorative.

4. Choosing a Front Door:

Having a unique front door can say a lot about the people who lives there, and it’s an inexpensive way to effectively make your modular home unique from the other houses around you!

5. Use Patterns and Textures:

Adding patterns and textures work wonders to your home. Make your home uniquely yours by adding your own little taste to it!

6. Adding Decks:

Not only can you extend living state outdoors, but they can really help open your home up.

7. Take Inspiration from Pictures:

Save images of designs and consider the design aspects of your home that are permanent. Pay special attention to designs that incorporate what you would want or need in your modular home.

8. Vertical Spaces:

Stacking washers and dryer can help take up a lot less room than side by side appliances. Bookshelves on walls or shelving for storage can make your modular home look a lot more spacious!


We can help you customize your modular home today at Showcase Homes!