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Finding affordable housing is an issue everywhere. However, Showcase Homes had made efforts under way to bring more affordable manufactured homes to New York State.

What is a manufactured home to begin with? A manufactured home is a factory-built home that meets performance standards or the HUD code (local building codes), requires a chassis, and rarely moved once placed.

Benefits of a Manufactured Homes


Affordability. Manufactured homes are less costly than site-built homes. Manufactured homes are built in a controlled environment by skilled tradesmen, which means the home is protected from weather damage and theft. Weather also does not interfere with the construction schedules. These factors contribute to lower prices, making manufactured homes a more affordable choice than traditional homes.


Safety is guaranteed. Manufactured homes are continuously being inspected while in the progress of a being built. There are also federal laws that require additional safety features (smoke detectors, combustible materials found around heating spaces, etc.).


Speed of construction. Factories can build single-wide or double-wide manufactured homes in about one third of the time it takes to construct a traditional home. All the while still meeting building codes.


Super energy efficient. The newer manufactured homes meet performance standards and must pass the requirements for energy efficiency. Most companies, especially the ones we carry on our lot, outfit manufactured homes with ENERGY STAR. The Enviromental Protection Agency started ENERGY STAR in 1992, in efforts to promote energy conservation.


One of the nicest things about buying a new modular home is that you’re starting with a clean slate. On the other hand, it can also be intimidating. Whether excited to decorate your new home or dreading the thought, the good thing about decorating the home you can customize is that you have quite a bit of time to consider the options. Take advantage of being able to completely customize your modular home; we can help your house stand out and feel like home here at Showcase Homes.

1. Painting the Exterior:

A good paint job can change drastically the look and feel of the house. Not only does it have a major effect to how your house looks, but it can influence your mood every day.

2. Having a Front Porch:

Adding a front porch can exceedingly change the overall look of your

modular home. Adding a porch can give your home extra living space and an inviting feeling for your guests and family.

3. Having Dormers:

Dormers can be an inexpensive way to add character to your newly bought modular home! Dormers can be functional and decorative.

4. Choosing a Front Door:

Having a unique front door can say a lot about the people who lives there, and it’s an inexpensive way to effectively make your modular home unique from the other houses around you!

5. Use Patterns and Textures:

Adding patterns and textures work wonders to your home. Make your home uniquely yours by adding your own little taste to it!

6. Adding Decks:

Not only can you extend living state outdoors, but they can really help open your home up.

7. Take Inspiration from Pictures:

Save images of designs and consider the design aspects of your home that are permanent. Pay special attention to designs that incorporate what you would want or need in your modular home.

8. Vertical Spaces:

Stacking washers and dryer can help take up a lot less room than side by side appliances. Bookshelves on walls or shelving for storage can make your modular home look a lot more spacious!


We can help you customize your modular home today at Showcase Homes!




The Ranch Style modular home originated in the United States. It is characterized by its long profile and is typically one story tall. It can be straight, L-shaped, U-shaped, or even asymmetrical. The options to add modular additions or a second story to the home is available at Showcase Homes.



Two-Story modular homes are exactly that, a house with two above-ground stories. A two-story home can be made with any style, making it customizable. This design is perfect for a family or a growing family, and it’sperfect for a smaller piece of land, since it takes less space building up than building outwards. Two story modular home floor plans are also located at our office if interested!



Chalet styled modular homes are inspired by swiss alpine homes. They combine a rustic atmosphere with modern comforts that modular buildings include. They are characterized by their high-pointed roofs which are usually angled to prevent snow build up.

Cape Cod:


Cape Cod originated in the Northeast during the 1600’s. They usually have steep roofs and dormers. It can be optional between one or two stories. The style features an exterior usually covered with shingled and widows with shutters. Cape Cods often have an attic for additional storage or living space due to their sharply sloped roof.



Modular cabins can especially be a beneficial choice. It can be your niche if you want the look and feel of a cabin home living for a more affordable price. Whether made from custom designs or pre-made designs, cabins can be built to your comfort.



Colonial styled modular homes are easily recognized by their size and great white columns. This style usually has elaborated porches and a center floor plan. They are a good choice when you have a sizeable plot of land and want a spacious floor plan.

1653 sq.ft of well thought out, richly appointed living, awaits you.  Our newest home arrival offers a spacious Great Room and a separate Family Room within this open floor plan.  No more battles over what to watch on TV or having children nearby when having adult conversations.  There is space for both various interests and ages to utilize.  The Master bedroom, large walk-in closet and luxurious Master Bath offer a welcomed retreat from a long day.  No need to book a spa weekend …your mini vacation is right here in your own home.  Two additional bedrooms, at the opposite end of the home spacious with nice large closets offer a growing family or guests room to relax, while maintaining privacy from the Master Bedroom.  Storage abounds in the vast utility room and additional bathroom.  A very comfortable place to call home.  Click Here for a Virtual Tour


This home offered to you …by us, Showcase Homes, starting under, $70,000



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