Construction Risks of a Traditional, Site-Built Home


If you want to build your own home, you’re probably trying to figure out which construction process would be better; modular home construction or site-built construction? It’s even harder knowing that modular home construction look exactly like traditional, site-built homes. Both can have any of the structural features you want, and they both come in various different home styles. However, aside from the cosmetics of the home, modular home construction is more quicker, safer, and forgiving than traditional site-built homes. Now these days, there are better and more effective ways to build a home, and it’s the modular construction way.



What Exactly are Site-Built Construction?


This construction method means that your home is assembled on site where it will permanently stand until it is finished. All the materials that are used to build the home are transported to the site for the assembly, which takes several months (even longer than modular and manufactured homes). During the construction process, because it is built on the site, the materials may be stored on the site and exposed to weather until the walls, windows, or doors are placed. With site-built homes, they are subjected to state and local building codes to make sure the homeowners stay safe.


How Risky is Site-Built Construction?


The traditional approach to building a home isn’t the best way to manage risk when it comes to custom homes. In fact, subcontractors are suffering from an extreme lack of skilled labor, and it won’t be changing anytime soon. Also, because the homes are built on the permanent site rather than an off-site location (like modular and manufactured homes), the unpredictability of weather is another risk factor during the construction process.


Modular homes are able to provide home buyers with well-built, high quality homes. Not only is the construction process much safer, but you get more with modular. When utilizing the efficiency of an indoor factory construction, energy efficiency and design flexibility is ensured! Modular is the better choice, and the old way of site-built construction just isn’t the most efficient way anymore! If you’re interested in either a modular or manufactured home, be sure to contact us!: Call us at (518) 580-1305, visit our Facebook, or send us your questions here!