Eco-Friendly Holidays: 5 Ideas for a Greener Christmas

On the hunt for the perfect decorations for this holiday season but want to try and stay eco-conscious? You’ve came to the right place! We actually use more electricity on holiday lights than some other countries within a year; we also waste a million extra tons on garbage every week in America. To avoid more waste, here are some eco-friendly holiday tips for this holiday!


Why you Should Consider Going Green This Holiday


Making your holidays become greener may seem difficult: especially the shopping, parties, and the pressure to create perfection to meet you and the guest’s standards. In actuality though, the core of maintaining a green holiday is simplicity. By simplifying our holidays, we are better able to relax and enjoy our loved ones and the season of giving.


A holiday you enjoy is a holiday that holds meaning to you. You should start by identifying your own sense of importance, tradition, and focus within this holiday. This include asking yourself questions like “What matters most to you?”, “What do you wish to gain?”, or “What do you not wish to lose?” Once you’ve found those answers, you can focus on the details, which is:


  • Finding what makes you stressed, and how can you either simplify it, eliminate it, or find an alternative for it.
  • Be sure to find or list the things that create wasted resources such as time, energy, or money. These are the ones you’d want to find alternatives for.
  • Spending times with others is the most important during the holidays. Be sure to talk to friends and family during this time. You can also recruit them to share ideas and work on making greener changes together.
  • Lastly, remember to relax! You have the freedom of choice. Set a goal and do what you can.


Here are some ideas to reduce your environmental footprint this season.


Either Make your Own Wrapping Paper or Go Without


Most mass-produced wrapping papers found in department stores are actually not recyclable due to the shiny coat and foils on the exterior on the paper. It’s a shame so many natural resources are wasted every year just so it can produce something that’s going to be immediately torn and thrown away. However, there is a way to change that…you can make your own wrapping paper! You can wrap your presents with old maps, comics, or children’s artwork. You can also use a scarf, bandana, and another cute cloth item to decorate or tie to box together.


Decorate With Nature


Avoid plastics and opt for wood, organic cotton, or even burlap. Bring in the elements from the outdoors in, to incorporate in your home. Some of these elements can include wreath of pine boughs, maple leaves, or a nest to place a candle in!



Invest in Some Energy-Saving LED Holiday Lights


Thanks to modern and ever-so-changing technology, you can decorate your house with energy saving LED lights that use up to 90% less energy than the conventional holiday lights. This could also potentially save you and your family up to 50 dollars in energy bills during the Christmas season. They last about 200,000 hours on average and release very little heat, so it’ll be very unlikely that one burns out!


Green Christmas Trees


Artificial trees used for a few years are less sustainable than a living tree, that can be mulched and also supports small businesses. However, artificial trees can be used for 10 to 15 years or more, and may use less energy in the long-run. However, most of them are rarely made to last this long, so be sure to find the appropriate one that do last for a long time. A potted tree is another green choice, because it can be used for multiple years before planting outdoors.



Utilizing Ornaments


Be sure to choose durable ornaments that use organic resources, such as wood, metal, or cloth. Not only are they greener, but they will last way longer than plastic or thin glass.