Factors You Should Know About Before Purchasing a Modular Home


Owning a modular home with 4 bedrooms is a huge milestone in your life! Making this switch can definitely help you stop worrying about sleeping in your parent’s basement, or being bothered by noisy neighbors; oh, and most definitely the rental payments. Owning one is not cheap – but it can be so rewarding. Once the finances are in order, the question many new homebuyers have is whether to buy a new home or build one themselves. Innovations in the construction as well was real estate had helped caused modular homes to be increasingly popular. This has given new home buyers ideas and choices to browse for homes other than the contemporary or traditional types of housing. Modular homes differ as they are homes built like traditional homes, but in a factory environment.



Once your home is complete and transported to your desired location; you finally have your complete home! But what factors should you consider before choosing between a traditional home and a modular home? Here are some factors you should contemplate before buying your first modular home.



The location or site you choose for your home is EXTREMELY important. Much like any traditional home, you want to occupy your residence to a location that will give you and your family a sense of security and peace, as well as a site that’s large enough to accommodate for what you want in your home. Perhaps you prefer to have a home that leaves you enough space for parking and gardening, or maybe even space for some fun outdoor activities with your friends and family! However, there are other factors such as site topography, the neighborhood, security, utilities, social amenities, and orientation.


Site Topography – The site topography is referring to the surface shape of the land. Whether its hilly, steep, flat, or sloping, is all a characteristic of a topography. When choosing a land, a flat landscape is most ideal; however, sloping slides can also be built without much hassle. In some cases, it might result into additional costs.


Neighborhood – Settle in a place where you feel most comfortable spending your time in! This is going to be your place of residence, and it’s important to make sure your family and you can feel at peace here. Therefore, choose a location that offers you the ambiance you’d want in your home.


Security – Living in an unsafe neighborhood can make you mentally on the edge. Before settling into your location, you should take time to understand the security of the area! It might be a good idea to get to know the neighbors or look into the news of the area you are planning to move into to get a good idea of what it might be like to live there.


Utilities – Take time to understand the main utility bills that you will be paying if you’re settling into a home. Outside of the basic amenities, you might need to think about security services, smart home devices, and landscaping if need be.


Social Amenities – Be sure to choose a home where social amenities such as hospitals, schools, the mall, or even the library is within a reasonable distance.


Orientation – Orientation refers to the how your home is place and getting the optimal sun exposure. This will be a factor when considering the most suitable design for you home, incorporation of views in your home, and the street appeal.



House Style

Before you buy a modular home, decide on the style you would like for your home. Engage with us to help you come up with a desired style, we have pre-made floorplans, or you could make your own. We advise to find a floorplan and make the changes you need for your desired home. Working on it alongside, we can help deliver the desired finished products. There are a large variety of styles, plans, and customizable options to choose from!

For ideas and information on how to design your home, and what style to choose from, please look at our articles: House Styles and Create Your Dream Home Today.


Planning Restriction

Acquiring a permit from a local administration will be of great help. When you buy a modular home, be sure you and the owner of the land sign an agreement. This give you legal protection, should there be a dispute in the future.



Owning a home requires preparation in terms of finances. Your new modular home will require you to get bills of quantities that will tell you the exact amount of money needed to complete your new home. It is advisable that you discuss with us beforehand, to allow you adequate time to prepare your finances. If you don’t have enough money and want to own a modular home, discuss with us and your bank on the possibilities of funding your project through mortgage factors that affect the price.

Remodeling Possibilities

If you decide to invest in the bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom of your dreams, there’s nothing holding you back from reconfiguring your home design and layout because it’s a modular build. Much like a stick-built home, you’ll need a structural support and layout. You can contact us, and we can you help you remodel! Be sure to let us know early on, as our contractors need time to prepare for any structural differences regarding beams or other support structures.



Owning a modular home can be bombarding! It requires both mental and financial readiness to find, build, and move into your new home. It’s best to evaluate your readiness. You should find time to understand whether it is the right time for you to own a modular home. You should also evaluate whether your lifestyle can accommodate an extra expense in mortgage deductions.