Fun Activities for the Fourth of July

Whether you’re attending a neighborhood block party or having a small gathering at your abode with your close friends and family, these ideas are guaranteed to make you holiday fun!


Go for a bike ride. Have an active day on your day off and grab some friends or family for a group bike ride before the party begins!


Have a pool competition. Set up a game between family and friends with swim races and games, such as a cannonball contest or Marco Polo!


Celebrate on the beach. If you live near enough to a beach, pack up and plan a fun day out in the sun! More than likely, there will be fireworks if you stay until the evening.


Making homemade ice-cream. Have your family meet you in the back porch for some scrumptious homemade ice cream!


Find a firework show. Watch the sky light up with your family and friends by attending a local firework show!