Home Buying Trends of 2018: What Does the Future Hold for Homebuyers?


Trends come and go, and some trends even stick around so long that they can barely be called trends anymore. Many must haves are similar, and others such as home automation technologies are just now emerging. It could be a challenging year for buyers; future homeowners, many of which are millennial renters waiting for the right moment to buy are struggling with the lack of affordable homes.



Millennials are much more flexible in how they view their property, and by delaying the traditional life that precedes homeownership (such as delay in marriage, kids, or dealing with student debt), millennials are renting longer. They’re more than happy to rent into their thirties or live comfortably and stress free with their relatives. This is not a bad thing! However, there is an option for those who are struggling to be able to afford homeownership – modular and manufactured homes! Not only are they affordable, but they’re an investment opportunity that can help you save more money in the long run.


Modern manufactured or modular homes are well built and inexpensive housing alternatives. Even if these homes are factory-built, they come with various amounts of customization options that are tailored to suit a wide demographic. These types of homes are now designed to look like traditional homes; and guaranteed to be safe for you and your family. Codes and structural regulations enacted by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development have ensured that modular and manufactured homes meet higher quality standards than most traditional homes.



Here are a handful of customization options available for your modular or manufactured home:



We are here to help you find your perfect dream home; even if you don’t see the option you want on the site, we can still try to make it happen for you!


Features that Newer Homebuyers are Looking For:


Millennials are changing the game when it comes to the housing market. Tech savvy and mobile, millennials know exactly what they are looking for. Here are the top features millennials look for in their homes:


  1. Energy Efficiency – The younger generation are concerned with their impact on the environment. They want to make sure that when they buy a home, it will have minimal carbon footprint. Energy efficient items or features can include UV protected windows, home automation thermostats, upgraded insulation, and so on.



  1. Modern – Traditional styles are coming on strong, which offers homeowners and buyers alike an opportunity to look towards more modern designs. In NKBA’s 2017 Design Trends Report, contemporary has passed traditional in terms of preference.



  1. Rethinking Storage – Buying the biggest house you can afford is out of the question. New homebuyers are forgoing the extra bedrooms, enormous living spaces, and so on. These homebuyers prefer to utilize their space wisely for their family’s needs, keeping an intimate and inventing atmosphere within their home. Homes that provide ample amount of storage ensure there’s more than plenty of space to stash things out of sight.