House Styles




The Ranch Style modular home originated in the United States. It is characterized by its long profile and is typically one story tall. It can be straight, L-shaped, U-shaped, or even asymmetrical. The options to add modular additions or a second story to the home is available at Showcase Homes.



Two-Story modular homes are exactly that, a house with two above-ground stories. A two-story home can be made with any style, making it customizable. This design is perfect for a family or a growing family, and it’sperfect for a smaller piece of land, since it takes less space building up than building outwards. Two story modular home floor plans are also located at our office if interested!



Chalet styled modular homes are inspired by swiss alpine homes. They combine a rustic atmosphere with modern comforts that modular buildings include. They are characterized by their high-pointed roofs which are usually angled to prevent snow build up.

Cape Cod:


Cape Cod originated in the Northeast during the 1600’s. They usually have steep roofs and dormers. It can be optional between one or two stories. The style features an exterior usually covered with shingled and widows with shutters. Cape Cods often have an attic for additional storage or living space due to their sharply sloped roof.



Modular cabins can especially be a beneficial choice. It can be your niche if you want the look and feel of a cabin home living for a more affordable price. Whether made from custom designs or pre-made designs, cabins can be built to your comfort.



Colonial styled modular homes are easily recognized by their size and great white columns. This style usually has elaborated porches and a center floor plan. They are a good choice when you have a sizeable plot of land and want a spacious floor plan.