How Long Does It Take to Build a Modular Home?


One way our manufacturers build efficiently, is because most of their materials are cut and measured for the building process. Appliances, cabinetry, and many more are constructed by trained craftsmen and are ready to be properly installed within your home.


Why Does Construction Time Vary?


As you may have already seen, we offer a wide variety of homes here at Showcase Homes, from a wide variety of manufacturers. When a home has more rooms, sections, or customization options, it usually takes more time to build. The simpler and smaller home designs are faster to build, because they have less variance in the building process.


The trained team members working on the home will check that it your future home meets all expectations and building requirements before moving to the next step in the building process.


How Long Until You Can Receive Your New Home?


One of the most common question we get is, “How long will it take till I receive my new modular home?” Well, this actually varies on the amount of home orders and customizations our manufacturers receive. Each manufacturer has a different backlog, which refers to the build up of home orders, and the amount of homes in the backlog also varies seasonally! However, if you buy a modular home that’s already built and move-in ready on our Showcase Homes lot, then it takes a lot less time to get your home.


The Advantages of Building Your New Home Within the Facility of Our Manufacturers.


  • Minimize material waste
  • Protect your home from inclement weather
  • Maximizing building efficiency while minimizing your wait time
  • Periodic inspections of your home through the building process