Last Minute Prepping for Severe Weather


The signs of a storm often involve dark clouds and drizzle; there are other indications that you can look out for sometimes hours before the storm hits. Knowing these indications can help you take the proper precautions way before any severe storm hits your neighborhood. Here are some tips on what you can do in a short time to keep you and your family safe when you’re caught unprepared during a threatening storm.


Secure the outdoor furnitures. This includes umbrellas or decors such as hanging plants, as they can become projectiles during high winds. Move any unsecured items in your backyard (or perhaps your front yard). This includes patio furniture, lawn chairs, and so forth. If you can’t move any furnitures inside, make sure you securely tie them down.


Moving cars. Cars can often be damaged or destroyed by falling trees or debris during a threatening storm. Try to position cars closer to your home, and away from trees and powerlines. If you have a garage on the lot, park your cars inside and close the garage door.


Resources. Make a safety kit that has essential first-aid resources as well as flashlights, battery powered radio, and extra batteries. Be sure to also have enough bottled waters and non-perishable food items.


Find utility cutoffs. Identify the cutoff switches or valves for water, power, and gas, and learn how to turn them off just in case of an emergency. A storm can cause damage to your home and can cause a short or power surge, and that my result in a ruptured gas or water line.