Lawn Care for Fall


Summer has finally ended, but that doesn’t mean the end of lawn care. Fall is finally upon us, and it’s the prime time to prepare for the growing season. With a couple of tips, you can make sure your lawn will be flourishing and healthy by next spring. By autumn, witch cold weather and occasional rainfalls, it’s the ideal time to take EXTRA care of your yard. Give it some attention now, and you’ll be rewarded with a healthy spring lawn; just follow these tricks and tips!


Rake your leaves. Raking leaves is not a fun idea, but it’s extremely important to remove fallen leaves from your lawn as soon as you can. Don’t wait until the last minute, where all the leaves have fallen from trees to start raking. The leaves can become wet or damped from morning dew, and stick together, which can potentially create a layer that suffocates the grass when left untreated.


Control the weeds. If weeds have taken over your lawn, it’s time to get rid of them now. Weeds are very lively and prominent during the fall. Applying a herbicide now can ensure that the weeds won’t return in the spring.


Fertilizing the lawn. Just as grass needs water to last the winder, they also can benefit off plant sugars that protect the roots from freezing, which can help ensure that the grass will bounce back in spring. The autumn application of fertilizer provides essential nutrients for the grass to grow deep roots and keep it healthy over the season. It’s recommended you wait until mid to late fall, then apply dry lawn fertilizer in grassy areas. A drop spreader can provide the best way to apply consistent and even layer of fertilizer, which is something to keep in mind.