Protecting your Manufactured Homes: Wind Safety and Wind Zones


Every manufactured home is built to the standards of HUD Code wind zone classifications. The HUD code specifies that homes shall be designed and constructed to conform to one of the three wind zones. The chosen Wind Zone is dependent on where the home will be installed. Homes that are designed and constructed for the higher Wind Zone can also be constructed in a lower Wind Zone. However, a home designed for a lower Wind Zone cannot be constructed in a higher Wind Zone area. Unfortunately, it is hard to upgrade your home to a higher zone once it is built, so be sure to know which Wind Zone you live in!


Image from MHI (Manufactured Housing Institute)


There are 3 wind zones currently; Zone I, Zone II, and Zone III. Most of the United States are where hurricanes are not expected and are usually designed for Wind Zone I. Wind Zone II is designed for areas that are prone to hurricanes and can experience up to 100 miles per hour of wind speeds. Homes that are in the Wind Zone III must be built to withstand 110 miles per hours winds, and hurricanes are very frequent in this zone. Keep in mind that the HUD Code Wind Zones are not based on where your home is built, but rather where your manufactured home will be placed.


If you are looking to buy a new manufactured home, the best way to determine which wind zone your home will be in (once you choose which lot you’d like your home on), is to ask us! If you would like to check which zone your manufactured home was built to stand, there is a “Data Plate” within the inside of your home with information on it.


If you’re worried about high winds, you can communicate with us about having your home constructed and installed for Wind Zone II standards or higher as a means of caution.