Reducing your Environmental Footprint for this Summer!

In the summer, people usually assume they use less energy and have less of an environmental impact; and although this could be true, many activities in the summer can also have negative effects on the environment. In other words, turning the thermostat down and keeping your house cooler may bring you joy, but it doesn’t help the environment nor your wallet.

How should you change this? Well, there are a few ways to reduce carbon footprint!

Ride a bike or walk. The weather is gorgeous during the summer, and it can give you the opportunity to walk any place that you’d like! Walking everywhere can be unlikely, but if you’re headed just down the street or visiting a family that’s few blocks over, traveling by walking or riding your bike will be a more affordable and green way.

Closing your shades. One of the easiest and most affordable ways to keep the temperature down in your home over the summer. By closing your curtains, shades, or blinds, you can block out large amounts of light and heat from your home! Keeping the heat out of your house can help you save money on air conditions, as well as take less energy to cool down the home.

Using less hot water. It’s the summer and it’s extremely hot, so why use hot water? It takes a lot of energy to heat up your water, so reducing the amount of heated water can lessen the energy bill and help the environment!