Safety Tips on Decorating for Halloween


It’s almost time to whip out the Halloween decorations, since the holiday is just around the corner! Time to turn your home into a haunted mansion! However, without the right precautions, Halloween decorations in your home and yard can pose a risk to you, your family, or your home. Here are some safety tips to follow when decorating for Halloween this year!



Create a well-lit path. The dark and scary Halloween night can be made less with the proper lighting lined up in your front yard! Make sure you check the lighting for your entryway and replace any bulbs that aren’t working. It’s important to be sure to use outdoor extension cords when decorating your entryway and front yard. The outdoor cords have been tested for severe weather conditions and have the electrical capacity for Halloween decorating. To get the cords out of the way, be sure to buy plastic hooks as nails or staples could potentially damage the cords and cause a shock or fire hazard.



Ditch the candles. If you’re going to have young trick-or-treaters around, never leave candles around where children can potentially knock over. Jack-o’-lanterns with burning candles require a lot of supervision and can pose a risk to your property due to flammable costumes. It’s easy to opt out to using glowsticks or a flashlight instead. Consider using battery operated candles or LED lights to ensure safety. It will be a lot safer, and once they’re inside a paper bag or jack-o’-lanterns, no one can tell the difference!



Keep your fur-friends safe! When decorating, make sure nothing hazardous is around your pets; such as open flames or dry ice. It’s easy for a jumpy, excited pet to knock something over. Be sure that if you do use potentially dangerous Halloween décor, it is out of reach and on a sturdy surface (this could be beneficial to keep your children safe, too!). Additionally, pets consuming any sweets can be dangerous, so keep those sweets out of their reach as well!

Have a Monster Mash. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate Halloween with either your friends or family? Before you get the part started, make sure you have a safe space to party. Check and ensure all the exits ae clear, not blocked by any Halloween décor. If you use any lit candles, make sure they’re out of reach, at least enough to make sure they’re not easily knocked over or brushed up against. Check if all the props that are hanging, dangling, draped, etc. are set and steadily secured. It would be dangerous if anyone had tripped!