Smaller Footprints with Smaller Homes!


Showcase Homes offers variety of diverse floor plans provided by many different manufacturers (The list of our manufacturers here). These high quality and affordable homes range from small to large; however, smaller homes have smaller environmental footprints. It greatly differs to traditional site-built homes, as smaller modular homes with smaller footprints have environmental impacts such as extracting, producing, and transporting building materials, as well as construction of the home itself.



The Benefits


According to the United States Green Building Council, it is estimated that for every doubling of square feet, a home uses 25% more energy and 50% more materials! So, one of the benefits of having a smaller home is that it uses less of both materials and energy, which also means that homebuyers end up saving money in the long run. That way, they can potentially invest more for the maintenance, furnishing, or utility bills for the home.


Another report, according to the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, 80% of greenhouse gas emissions over a home’s 70-year life span occur during occupancy and come from electricity and fuel consumption. If you reduce the size of the home by 50%, the lifecycle emission can shrink by 36%.


In the long run, this can benefit your energy and water savings. Plumbing and ductwork will have a compact design that can more efficiently cool and heat your home, making it more beneficial for your savings. Construction costs typically are lower with smaller homes as well, since it’s on a per square foot basis.