Summer Maintenance Tips for Manufactured and Modular Homes

Checking the air conditioner. It is IMPERATIVE that you inspect your air condition unit in your home. During the winter, air conditioners are remained inactive for several months, which can cause malfunctioning and a lack of cooling. So, to avoid this, make sure the filters are clean and free of dust. This can also help in maintaining an energy efficient home.


Replenish fuel oil supply. Always refill your home’s fuel supply before the cold seasons approach. The last think you’d want to do is come unprepared to the cold seasons!


Smoke detector and carbon monoxide. Fires can start during any season, so it’s important to test your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms often! The increasing temperatures in the atmosphere can most definitely instigate some fires. Due to this, frequently check if your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are properly installed and working properly.


Updates for your furnace. Before the fall season starts, it’s vital to keep your furnace in good condition! Just when summer is about to end, check for frequent inspections and maintenance to make sure those furnaces remain in excellent working conditions.