The Creative Uses of Spare Rooms

Let’s say that you have an empty, spare room; but how should you utilize it? Here are some ideas!


Art Studio


Imagine dedicating a spare room to your artistic talent and expression. An art studio doesn’t require a large space, just full of great natural light. Perhaps you don’t have natural light, no problem. The use of full spectrum lighting to mimic natural sunlight can be put to use. The lighting can also give you a better representation of your color palette. Arrange a comfy chair and an easel close to your window and use neutral or light colors for the walls and floor coverings. Include a space to organize or store your supplies, and a sink if possible for a quick clean-up. Whether your hobby is to crochet, quilt, sew, draw, or paint; an art studio is the PERFECT little space to give you the time and location to express yourself.


Reading Nook



Is your idea of a guilty pleasure to sneak away and read your favorite books? To a serious bookwork, they need a spot to curl up with their favorite novel. Arrange your reading room by genre and include the most comfortable seating as possible. Not only can it double as a guest room but it can fit perfectly in a niche carved out of a hallway. It can provide a private, tiny little space at the heart of the house where your imagination can run wild. Plan for a surface or wall lighting, as well as an overhead lighting so you can read during any time of the day.


The “Tiny” Bedroom



If a bedroom is too small, simply elevate the bed onto another platform. Adding flights of steps can open a whole new space-efficient space below. Not only is the space under the bed a clever storage solution, but it provides a whole new level of comfort to your bed.


Writer’s Corner


Photo by Coastal Living


The tight, corner spaces in your home doesn’t have to feel so closed off and isolated. With the right and comfortable furnitures, as well as the clever use of walls, this room can quickly feel much like a place in which to compose some short fiction, poetry, and more. Posture is precious, so be sure to have the best quality ergonomic chair to avoid “writer’s neck.” You’ll be comfortable writing in it long after your novel finishes.


Classroom at Home



This little learning zone has converted from a home office to a designated study room! Not too cramped nor too dark, this space is the perfect spot to retreat into on those drowsy days. To ease mobility among the spaces, organize school supplies in a portable container.