Times are Changing: Modular Home Planning


So, what makes a perfect modular home plan?


If you know what you’re looking for, all you must do is find the home right for you. One of the first concerns that every new homebuyer asks when looking for their perfect home is, “Is my home big enough?” Or perhaps “Does it have everything I need?” Or maybe, “Is this the right place to put my home?” Since everyone has different needs, only they can answer these questions. Think about what is most important to you. A covered porch? Extra storage space? Whatever it may be, think about how you, your family, and friends may feel in your new home.


Custom home planning


When you are planning your custom home, try not to focus on the size of the home yet; instead, you should focus on the details of your home in the reflection of your needs. Modular home construction to customize your home, since it takes less time to build it and are greener than traditional built home. Modular home construction can produce a home to your exact specifications, as well as ensure that it is inspected thoroughly. If you any questions, be sure to contact us for assistance in helping you create your custom home!


Coming with a plan


If you’re coming with a floor plan ready, whether you already had collected plans from different sources or drew it by hand, we can start from what you have and add on. If it’s a modular home plan, we can quote it after adding in the requested changes. Even if it’s originally a site-built home floorplan, we can also possibly turn it into a modular home design. Here at Showcase Homes, have amazed and even surprised our customers with our ability to provide a customized modular home they have always wanted. Who knows, maybe this could be you next!


Starting from scratch


If you’re starting from scratch, that’s alright! It means you get to start with a little help from us and our modular home design expertise. We can help you incorporate everything you and your family needs in your new home, just you name it! When you feel like you finally found the house of you dreams with our help, we can help you feel at ease with the rest of the home buying process!