Times are Changing: Modular Home Pricing


When a prospective customer is interested in a modular home, their first inquiry is about modular home prices. Modular home prices vary widely. However, standard modular homes usually cost around $90 to $150 per square feet. Any dollar amounts we give are estimates or base prices of the modular homes; your actual costs can and will be different depending on the customization options you want in your home and what type of home you’ll be building.


Base Price


The base price only includes the cost of manufacturing the modules for the floorplan you have chosen. None of the customizations are within this home price. The cost of a modular house depends mostly on its size as well. The bigger the design, the bigger the price will be. It’s best to compare floorplans to make sure they suit your needs as well as your land, and the design only has areas that you will use. Avoid buying a bigger space you won’t use to save money on square footage.


Custom Price


When you finally find the most appropriate home plan for you, it’s time to think about whether you’d like to have any finishes, upgrades, or customization options included in your home. All the upgradable, customizable options are added to your custom price. The more custom changes you make to the original floorplan, the higher the price will be to cover the extra labor or materials needed. You can discuss customization options with us, so you know how these options can impact your modular home construction price. It’s also important to note that the home style you choose can impact the price in the end as well. A bigger foundation carries a bigger price, so if you do want a large home, thinking vertically can save you money!


Energy Efficiency


Not all modular homes are built with energy efficiency in mind, but MANY are. This affects the price, due to the lower utility costs in the long-run. However, you potentially need to spend more money upfront on additional insulation, energy efficient appliances, etc. This can be a wise investment that could help you save money for a lifetime.