Tips and Tricks on Buying Furniture on a Budget


Buying your first home or upgrading to more square footage can be exciting, bur furnishing the new space can give you anxiety on an already stretched budget. Furnitures can get crazy expensive, especially when investing in designer or heirloom pieces isn’t always feasible. With SO many shopping options available, it can be easy to be sucked into a spending hole, but you don’t have to! Here are some affordable suggestions for smart, easy ways to save cash and furnish your new home.


Figure out which furnitures you need. If you cannot afford the furnish your rooms one at a time, then start with the furnitures you need first and add to them as you can afford more. Once you have purchased your most important items, you can start looking at the next important items to purchase, such as nightstands, side tables, dressers, or mirrors.


Buy used furnitures. Craigslist, eBay, or Facebook Marketplace can be excellent for finding used goods. There are other options such as Letgo, an app that locals find used items near them, and Chairish has options design freaks will love! Be sure to keep an eye out for yard sales for pieces as well!


Pay attention to the fabric. Natural fibers or fabrics are preferable, but most synthetics mixed in can make it more durable and stain resistant. Buying fabrics mixed in with synthetics can help keep it more affordable but be sure to consider the quality; by checking whether it still has the natural look and feel.


Furnitures with multiple functions. A stool can be used both as seating and as a handy end table. A bar stool can be used as extra kitchen storage or makeshift bookshelf. A daybed can be used as a bed and switched into a couch at the same time. These practical furniture pieces will not only fulfill your needs, but you get two pieces of furniture (or more) in the cost of one!


Consider your lifestyle. If you have kids or pets, you’re choosing a piece for a high traffic area. Smaller furniture pieces that are out of the way are most recommended. As stated before, half synthetic indoor or outdoor fabrics are durable, versatile, and beautiful.

Shop at the right time. If you have enough stuff to hold you for a short time, consider holding off buying new furniture until you can time it with wonderful sales. Holidays offer great saving opportunities, but new furniture design also debut in spring, so February is also recommended as a good time to go furniture shopping.