Tips to Get your House Ready for the Fall


We still have a few weeks left of warm weather, but those chilly months are just around the corner. I mean, it’s already mid-August! Cooler temperatures are on their way, and pretty soon falling leaves will serve as a reminder that autumn is approaching. A bit of attention now will save costly repairs and aggravation later, so here are some tips to start prepping now!


Cozy Bedding. The holidays are around the corner, now it’s time to take down those comforters, cotton sheets, and knits out of wherever you store them! When those icy nights come, you’ll have your blankets ready to go. There’s nothing worse than twisting and turning in the freezing cold night, wishing you had your warmest blanket.


Clean Out Your Gutter. This isn’t an enjoyable job, but everyone should do this annually. Inspect your roof for damaged shingles, flashing, or vents. You can also inspect the chimney for missing mortar.


Inspect Doors and Windows. Check weather stripping by opening the door and placing a piece of paper in the entryway; then closing the door. The paper should not be able to slide back and forth so easily; but if it does, you may need to recheck the windows and doors casings.


Stock Up on Firewood. Now is the best time to start your firewood pile! When the winter months roll in, you’ll be glad you stocked up. Perhaps you should invest in a firewood rack, and a carrier to transfer the wood from the outside to the inside.


Inspect the Boiler or Furnace. It’s good to make sure things run smoothly when the weather begins to drop! Change the filters on the furnace regularly, throughout the seasons. It can keep energy costs low and keep things less costly.


Regular Home Safety. For extra measure, replace the batteries in your smoke alarms or carbon monoxide monitors. Review your family escape plan and put together an emergency kit so that you are ready for outages during the cold, winter seasons.