To Rebuild or Not to Rebuild: Replacing Your Modular Home


Many homeowners choose to renovate because it’s something they are familiar with. However, many homeowners are unaware of the different options; such as replacing the home you own with a new modular build! It’s not always a decision when you’re trying to figure out if you should renovate or rebuild your home. If you like the location of your home but not the layout, rebuilding is most likely the best options; especially if you’re looking to make dramatic changes in your home’s floorplan!


Why Rebuild?


Let’s say that you love your current neighborhood, and your family has adapted and began to feel more comfortable in their schools; and you want to stay close to your family and friends. Your two options would either be:


  1. Renovate your current home.
  2. Replace and rebuild your home.


Although renovating is perfect for changing specific parts of your home layout, if you wish to remodel your whole home, rebuilding is the safest bet. Tearing your home down and replacing it with a new one can be more economical. Not only will you be able to save your money in the long run but building your new home can fit specific customization options your family wants and needs. Tearing down the home and replacing it with a new home can allow you to save money you’d spend on labor during renovation.



Can You Tear It Down?


Before contacting us to help you build your new modular home, you should learn what your town’s zoning, planning, and building departments will allow; which we can help you with too! Those rules are there to protect the existing town or neighborhood, and they can dictate whether you can tear down your existing home. These rules can also share you what type of limits you must follow when building your new home, such as size, square footage, height, or style. Be sure to check with all your utilities (which includes gas, electric, and water) to learn how to disconnect these from your home.


Although there are many lovely benefits to replacing your existing house with a new modular home, it’s important to evaluate your circumstances to find the best option for you! Take necessary precautions and contact your city to find out whether your property is zoned for a modular home, or have your home be appraised by a deconstruction expert.