To the Millennials Leaving Their Parent’s Homes, Modular Homes Should Be in Your Radar!


Being on Your Own


Today, more young adults are living at home with their parents than any other time in history, according to the Pew Research Center. Since millennials now have a huge consumer influence in various industries, they begin to make up some of the prime consumers of products now that they’re all entering the workforce. However, millennials have notices that rent rates are high. Millennials also share different obstacles in obtaining a home ownership than those who came before them. Many first-time home buyers possess the household income to qualify the home ownership but struggle to save money for a down payment due to lingering debts. There are lower supplies available, affordable houses and a large pool of active buyers is driving up not only the competition, but prices as well. This just isn’t the most practical way of living in their eyes. They are the largest group of home buyers, which mean they consume quite a bit of power in the commercial world; so why not put hard earned into something comforting, and affordable that meets both their wants AND needs in a home?



Small Modular Homes


2,200 sq. ft homes are the size of the average new site-built home. Yet, there is a small but rapidly growing new home buyer demographic that is looking to go smaller. This group is not looking for big homes, they are scouring Google for smaller homes that under 1,000 sq. ft with unique features. Now they are turning to modular homes in increasing numbers.


Benefits of Modular Homes for Millennials


  • Affordable: One of the biggest struggles of being a millennial is being a first-time home buyer. They have had less time to save for major purchases, or even build good credit. With modular homes, millennials will often find them more affordable and cost efficient.
  • Freedom: Whether it was a landlord, residence hall, or living with parents, millennials have been living under someone else’s roof. Being a homeowner means privacy, comfortability, and freedom. Perhaps it’s time for millennials to break free and make the rules in their own homes, instead of following someone else’s!
  • Greener Homes: If you’re a millennial who cares about the environment, modular homes are the right option for you. We can assure that most of our manufactures create less waste, better use of resources, and better use of cost savings when building your modular home; millennial buyers, we are happy to let you know that every home was built by people who care about the planet as much as you do.
  • No Competition: When you are looking for a traditional, site-built home, you must compete with other buyers. Why not skip over the stress by choosing a new modular home? Home buyers can just choose a home suited uniquely for them, free of anyone else buying it before they can!
  • Custom Design: Depending on the model or manufacturer, millennial home buyers can potentially access variety of customization options. Their new home can fit their personal needs, wants, and style if they’d like!
  • Lifetime Investment (It’s A Good Thing!): Mortgage can be anxiety inducing, but it is also be an investment for the future that’s paid every month! Perhaps you don’t have a family yet, you can start planning early by already having a quality home ready for when it’s your time to parent!


Showcase Homes Can Help You


Simply put, Showcase Homes can meet all the items on millennials’ wish lists, while helping them save more money.