Top Popular Custom Home Customizations


Building your home is an exciting and special process to embark on; especially with so much potential for creativity and freedom of choice. Home buyers LOVE personalized items. Why? Personalization makes people feel unique. There a thousand and thousands of home designs available in books, websites, or catalogs. Some of them might come close to your vision! Once you are able to narrow down to a handful of home plan concepts, it’s time to look into the customizable options of homes.


Proper House Design.

House design golden rule is that form follows function It’s quite basic, but many people approach home design follows this process the other way around. For tips on customizing homes or designing a floor plan, check our articles: “How to Build Your Custom Home with So Many Options” or  “Create your Dream Home Today“.

Top Popular Home Customizations


  1. Large or open kitchen – If you are a parent who enjoys cooking, the kitchen is the heart of your home. If you design your kitchens with generous amounts of space, you can create an inviting atmosphere and a comfortable room to be in.
  2. Master bedroom on the main floor – Every home has a master bedroom. If you build on right on the main floor, you can omit the necessity of a flight of stairs! This is a wonderful benefit for those little ones at home.
  3. Taking out walls – Eliminating walls between rooms can make your floorplan feel breezy and modern; it also allows air and light to flow naturally throughout your home. Adding extras such as high ceilings, can also open space up for your home even more.
  4. Indoor pool that leads outside – If money’s no object but space is, you can convert any internal part of your home, to come up with an indoor pool. Especially the space leads to a balcony.
  5. Home office – Enjoy the convenience and comfort of working from your home with your very own personalized office! Making your home office detached from the rest of your floorplan can help give you the privacy you need when working.
  6. Having a mud room – A mudroom typically stands in the corner of the house where you can install a small shower, water sprayer, storage for shoes, hangers, and so on. This room should made right by a door where you can easily remove dirt and debris; it’s ideal after a long day’s work outdoors.
  7. Utilizing a garage – If you own several cars, you have to plan how to use the garage accordingly. If you don’t own many cars, or any cars, you can use the garage for extra space such as a garden or a room.