What Would Classify As a Modern Modular Home?

Gone are the days of the old, 1950’s modular home plans. Often custom built, modern home manufacturers offer a huge variety of customization options, and also offers many different styles. Using steel frames instead of wood means the walls and ceilings can be replaced by windows; and it also can make the room look more spacious and can also be built up and out.



What Are the Benefits?


  • Faster building
  • Lower costs
  • Future additions
  • Completely customizable
  • Eco-friendly


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What About Building Codes?


Modular homes are build under the same building ordinances and code as traditional built homes. They also follow a building code the HUD code, that ensures that you and your family will live in a secure and safe home.



Being Contemporary: How to Create a Timeless, Modern Floor Plan


The windows, flooring, plumbing fixtures, and millwork offered by our manufacturers can serve as a beautiful background for design trends! These trends include accent pieces such as rugs, small furnitures, artwork, pillows, and so on. These are the types of items that can be switched out quickly, and redecorated effortlessly, at anytime you need!


Here are some quick little ideas for a modern home design:


  • High door frames
  • Lift and slide doors
  • 12” wide planks
  • Custom modern or luxurious millwork
  • Well placed and high end lighting
  • Modern windows
  • High ceilings


A modern modular home is a great investment! It comes with a long list of advantages. Hopefully, this can be the start to beginning to understand what makes them so beneficial when compared to a traditional, site-built home.