Why It’s a GENIUS Idea to Purchase a Modular Home from Showcase Homes

What is a Modular Home? Well, It’s Certainly Not Boring!

When house hunting, you might hear the terms modular homes. You may be surprised, but the home in the picture is a modular home. A conventional modular home looks very much like a traditional stick-built home. After transporting to the destination the customer desires, the modular homes are placed on permanent foundations and cannot be relocated once assembled. The modular housing industry is increasingly growing faster than any other type of a new-home construction. Mainly because in general modular homes cost much less, is built faster, and are more environmentally friendly than traditional homes. So, what is a modular home?

Modular homes are not the same as manufactured or trailer homes. However, they are built to surpass the same building codes as standard homes and are subject to regular inspection to ensure the highest construction quality.

Benefits of a Modular Home:

High Quality with Fast Completion:

The primary benefit of our modular home construction is the method of quality control. Our homes are entirely manufactured and built in facilities at a controlled and centralized environment. This allows better quality control practices and high-quality manufacturing facility. By being built in an indoor and climate-controlled environment, construction cannot be subject to delays due to weather, nor are the materials exposed to weather conditions.

Lower Costs:

With our modular homes, you know what you will pay and what you get from the beginning. Once a design and floorplan are decided, the total cost including land improvement can be provided including the planning, construction, and completion. Not to mention, our quotes are free!

Energy Efficient:

Our modular construction provides the ability to deliver healthy, safe, and energy efficient living spaces. Quality engineering increases the energy efficiency, which ensures that modular homes are economical to own and comfortable to live in regardless of weather. Additionally, modular homes have less air infiltration, which is one of the largest causes of heat loss in a house.

Environmentally Friendly

While construction wastes of a traditional, site-built home go to the landfill, wastes from a modular home are recycled.

Infinite Possibility of Modular Home Customizations

You may have found a floor plan that’s almost exactly what you’re looking for. If it’s just not quite right, no worries! You can make any changes you want. Modular housing construction allows customizable option and design possibilities, and your builder will work with you and your modular home dealer to determine the type and design of a modular home that best suits your needs.

Perhaps a pre-existing modular floor plan is not something you’re looking for. Designing a modular home from scratch can often make more sense. If you want your home to have a unique design, or if building a home to fit a parcel of land, or already had a home designed to build using a modular construction, it may be better off not working from a pre-existing modular home plan.