Why Modular Means More: It’ll Exceed your Expectations

Modular home is really a misnomer, because it actually describes the method of construction rather than a type of home. Modular homes can look like any other traditional home, and is built to the same building code as a traditional site-built home. However, modular home construction is built offsite in modules, and assembled together on foundation. This construction process produces a home that not only is built quicker than a traditional, site-built home, but also because the homes are built in high quality with affordable prices.


Modular Home Construction


Modular home construction, also called off-site construction, means that the home is built mostly in another location that’s not its permanent location. The home, for the most part, is per-assembled into modules in a factory controlled environment. Modular construction can also reduce some of the risks faced by site-built construction, such as:


  • Having a reduced schedule, due to the fact that it is built indoors. Weather is removed as a primary cause of delay.


  • Due to the fact that weathers can impact the schedule, what would take normally months is completed within days when built off-site. There is a reduced chance that the materials will get weathered on as well.


  • Due to the fact that off-site construction is a manufacturing process, unskilled laborers are trained, but also supervised. The quality of the home much better compared to traditional, site-built homes.



Little Things That Mean A Lot


While other contractors continue to grapple with the skilled labor shortage, modular construction requires less labor and time to complete. Both site-built and modular construction starts with the design and engineering phase, and then they progress to permitting and approval; however, the time and labor efficiencies with modular construction take off. Modular construction are also as safe, or arguably safer than typical construction, due to how much more the construction process is predictable and repetitive, and can be analyzed and modified easily to maximize efficiency and safety.



Modular Going Global


Modular construction is getting even more popular with Google, Starbucks, Marriott, and many other business; they’re investing millions of dollars into this method. Take Japan for example, around a quarter of all new houses are prefabricated (off-site construction). Japan’s success within the modular construction industry shows both the quality of assets manufactured in controlled conditions and how many homebuyers they can attract. Even Toyota has been utilizing modular construction for over 20 years!


New technology and the increase in popularity is making it easier to expand modular construction to a global level as well. With 3D printing, costs for both material and long transports will decrease substantially.

Modular construction lives up to its processes to build faster, safer, and more affordably than any other construction methods; so why not invest in them now? Call us at (518) 580-1305, visit our Facebook, or send us your questions here!