Why You Should Consider Buying a Manufactured Home


Finding affordable housing is an issue everywhere. However, Showcase Homes had made efforts under way to bring more affordable manufactured homes to New York State.

What is a manufactured home to begin with? A manufactured home is a factory-built home that meets performance standards or the HUD code (local building codes), requires a chassis, and rarely moved once placed.

Benefits of a Manufactured Homes


Affordability. Manufactured homes are less costly than site-built homes. Manufactured homes are built in a controlled environment by skilled tradesmen, which means the home is protected from weather damage and theft. Weather also does not interfere with the construction schedules. These factors contribute to lower prices, making manufactured homes a more affordable choice than traditional homes.


Safety is guaranteed. Manufactured homes are continuously being inspected while in the progress of a being built. There are also federal laws that require additional safety features (smoke detectors, combustible materials found around heating spaces, etc.).


Speed of construction. Factories can build single-wide or double-wide manufactured homes in about one third of the time it takes to construct a traditional home. All the while still meeting building codes.


Super energy efficient. The newer manufactured homes meet performance standards and must pass the requirements for energy efficiency. Most companies, especially the ones we carry on our lot, outfit manufactured homes with ENERGY STAR. The Enviromental Protection Agency started ENERGY STAR in 1992, in efforts to promote energy conservation.