Window Ideas for your New Modular or Manufactured Home


Whether you’re building your home from scratch, choosing a pre-made floorplan, or moving into a move-in ready home, windows will be an important aspect in your design. For windows, home builders across the country use materials such as vinyl, wood, and fiberglass. Windows provide more than just the basic functions, such as providing a view and letting the light in.


What are your needs?


There are many different types of windows. The windows you choose for your manufactured or modular home can help define the style of your house; whether it’s traditional, modern, or other. You can customize any window to suit your tastes and needs here at Showcase Homes.


Types of Windows


Double-Hung Windows. This window has two sashes that slide up and down, vertically, within a frame. A sash is a frame that holds the glass.  These types of windows have been here since the Medieval times and are the most common types of window in America.


Single-Hung Windows. With a single-hung window, only the bottom part of the window operates while the top part remains still. Due to the fact that only one part of the window operates, single hung windows cost less to buy usually.


Casement Windows. These windows are hinged and operate by turning a crank in an operating mechanism. These types of windows are most common in newer homes. Casement windows are easier to operate because of their slide rail mechanism, which carries the weight of the window.


Awning Windows. Awning windows are hinged at the top, and open outward to let in air from the left, right, or the bottom of the window. These can also be installed alongside a stationary or an operating window.


Picture Windows. Picture windows are fixed and do not allow airflow to pass through, because they do not open. They are usually installed high on walls or hallways and lets in the maximum amount of light and views from the outdoors.


Bay Windows. Bay windows create angels and projections on the exterior of your home, by allowing light to enter through different angles. They can be opened to create airflow with their lateral panels.


Transom Windows. Transom windows are narrow windows that operates to let in air, but it can also be stationary and mounted right above a door or a window.