Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Mobile and Manufactured Home Terms

ABS – “Acrylo-nitrile Butadiene Styrene” Black pipe used in drain systems in homes.

Axles – Tires are attached to the axles that each home section is delivered upon. Each section will have from 2-6 axles.

Beam – Used in construction in many areas. In manufactured homes beams are in the floor and made of steel. In the ceiling plywood beams are used.

Bottom Board – The covering under the home protecting the insulation and floor from moisture & nesting.

Cellulose – The type of insulation used in the ceilings of manufactured homes.

Data Plate – The document affixed in the kitchen cabinet that provides important information about our homes.

Dormer – Peak added to the front of the roof.

Eave – Overhanging roof sections

Frame – The steel support under the home

Gable – The two peaked ends of a home.

Glazing – A term for glass or windows

HUD – Bureau of Housing and Urban Development

J-Box – Junction Box, Used to contain Electrical Switches, Receptacles and Connections.

Joist – The framing used to support floors.

Kraft – Type of paper used in insulation backing and roofing that protects against condensation.

Marriage Line – The point where multi-sectional homes join.

NYS Warranty Seal – Title 19, part 1210 of the Manufactured Homes Regulations, specifies that only state-certified manufacturers, retailers and installers may manufacture, sell, install or service a manufactured home within the State of New York. The seal that the installer places inside the home warrants that any on-site installation fully complies with New York’s Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code.

Overheads – Cabinets at eye level, often optional in the utility room

PVC – “Poly Vinyl Chloride”, type of plumbing, typically yellow pipe requiring glues.

Pex – Competitive brand of plumbing material.

R-value – A measure of the resistance to heat flow. The higher the number the greater the insulating potential.

Range – The Oven/Stove appliance in the kitchen

Studs – Building materials used vertically in walls, typically 2×6 or 2×4 lumber.

Truss – A rigid framework, as of wooden beams, designed to support a structure, such as a roof.

U-factor – A measure of the rate of non-solar heat loss or gain through a material or assembly

Vaulted – The gradual ceiling height increase in the interior of our homes when referring to vaulted ceilings

Yards – Expressed as squared yards when calculating the area of carpeting

Zones – Areas of the country that define what construction requirements must be met in HUD code homes. Wind Zones and Thermal Zones are defined.