The Process of Buying a Home from Showcase Homes

Thank you for looking at our beautiful array of homes! We strive to make the process of buying a modular or manufactured home more simplified and understandable, while giving you the time you need to complete purchasing at your own pace!

Choose a floor plan, make your own, or choose a move-in ready home on our lot. One option is to select a floor plan! There are hundreds available out on the internet, or we can even help you make your own! Once you know what kind of home you’d like, you can easily find out the final price for your home, including customizable options, by consulting us here at Showcase Homes. We’ll help you find the perfect home that fits all your needs.

Developing a budget. More than likely, the base price of your home will be the biggest cost. The next will be the options you have selected for your home. Following that, there will be the delivery to your home destination and the foundation. There also may be unexpected costs, such as the tap fee. Give yourself some elbow room in your budgeting! Our staff can help you get a close estimate on the home including the options as well as the site-built costs! Additionally, once you qualify for a loan, it can help us come up with a more accurate budget.

Receive the financing. Now you have a general sense of what you need to borrow, we can help you find a loan you can afford from a bank you can trust.

Construction budget. Once you are qualified to a loan, you will be able to finalize your budget by obtaining the bids from the contractors.

Start building your home! This is the best part about our home buying process! You’re finally ready to order your home and begin building it on your desired homesite. We will double check the options, or any documents for changes, and then send the final order to the factory. We carry many different manufacturers, so the duration of when your home will be finished can vary; however, building our homes are significantly faster than any site-built homes. Ask one of our sales representatives as well, as the build-time can also depend on the season.