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Showcase Homes of Malta is proud to announce our part in one local flood ravished community’s reconstruction project.  Showcase Homes of Malta has just set modular townhomes on historic Front Street in the Village of Waterford.

As part of the modular construction design process for this flood prone river side community, foundation and floor plans were created with special flood vents to mitigate any possible water damage to the homes in the event of rising water in the future.

More pictures to follow as we work toward completion of this project–


The 2019 Fall Home Show will take place on Saturday, October 19th from 10:00 am – 2 pm. Registration will be available for two lucky winners to win $2,000 and $3,000 discounts towards the purchase of a new 2019 Bill Lake Home.

Showcase Homes of Malta is looking for a New Home Sales Representative to join our team.

No experience necessary. Willing to train the right person.

This is an ideal position for a creative, motivated person with superior relationship building and communication skills to assist clients create their dream home! With the goal to provide world class service to your client.

No cold calling involved

No Evenings or Sundays

As a New Home Sales Representative you will:

  • Greet and guide clients through models on our sales lot
  • Work directly with clients and manufacturers to design their home and help them through the construction process
  • Maintain customer files and provide timely follow up
  • Help select inventory, decorate models and maintain appearance of the homes

Required Skills/Attributes:

  • Highly motivated with a drive for success
  • Solid phone skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Familiar with Microsoft Office products
  • Strong organizational, attention to details, and time management skills
  • Professional demeanor and appearance
  • Results driven and service oriented
  • Must be reliable and dependable
  • Ability to learn business and finance mortgage concepts

Compensation and Benefits:

  • Salary plus commission (Salary based on experience. Uncapped earning potential)
  • Health, Dental and life insurance
  • Simple IRA with employer match
  • Vacation, holiday and Sick pay
  • Group Life insurance

Please send resume to or fax to 518-580-0619

Showcase Homes of Malta has relocated to just South of our previous location to 2651 Route 9 in Malta. We are open and very excited to be operating out of our new location. Stop by and see us soon!

Who is Rebuilding Together Saratoga County?

Rebuilding Together Saratoga County is a volunteer organization that works on meeting the housing needs of the local families. It is one of 142 affiliates of the national Rebuilding Together organizations, all helping individual homeowners in need within in their communities. Rebuilding Together Saratoga has renovated and revived 973 homes and 85 nonprofit organizations since  2003.

They specialize in providing much needed home repair and accessibility modification services for low income families and homeowners within the Saratoga County. The focus is helping homeowners that are the most vulnerable; such as active and retired members of the Armed Services, seniors, individuals living with a disability, and families with children. If you’re interested in applying, you can see if you’re eligible here.

What Do WE Do?

While Rebuilding Together Saratoga County supplies the funding through grants, Showcase Homes of Malta coordinates everything else, the towns, the contractors, ordering their homes, setting up the homes, and help design the interior and exterior of the homes. We, as a dealership, help our clients from picking out the house and making color selections, all the way to the issuing of the certificate of occupancy. In between, we help with new wells, septic, electric, grading and seeding their property, installing new driveways and concrete slabs

Showcase Homes of Malta works with Rebuilding Together Saratoga County to provide quality, ENERGY STAR homes that include potable water and functional septic systems, for those who are in need within our community.

Last year, we helped Rebuild Together Saratoga County to meet the housing needs of 9 families.

Our Clients:

Jim M.

Before receiving a new home from both Rebuilding Together Saratoga County, Jim had lived in a double-wide. Unfortunately, the pump house had caught on fire, and his life was put in danger. He couldn’t even call the emergency services, and the fire quickly spread. After this horrifying experience, he contacted Rebuilding Together Saratoga County. He lived in a camper for 10 months before receiving his new home. Now, in his new home, he has a warm, safe place to live, which is affordable and cost effective.. Jim now says his new home provides him relief.

 “I will never forget you…Thank you. You really don’t know how you change simple lives”

– Jim H.

Susan H.

Susan had lived in a old home. The roof leaked, and her home was structurally unsound. Susan applied to Rebuilding Together Saratoga County. They offered a home which Showcase Homes of Malta delivered and set up. After moving into her brand new home, she mentioned that she feels safe and secure in her new home.

Ida H.

Ida’s Old Home

Ida’s previous mobile home was almost 50 years old, and in very bad condition. Once her husband passed away, she could not keep up with the repairs. It was hard for her, Ida loves her new home.

Dave and Elizabeth M.

Elizabeth and David had awoken on the night of March 27th, 2017, to a frightening sight. Their home was engulfed by flames and smoke. Fortunately, Elizabeth, David, and her three grandchildren escaped unharmed. Unfortunately, her family had to live in a camper for the next nine months.Elizabeth heard about Rebuilding Together. She applied to see if her family qualified for assistance. Both Rebuilding Together Saratoga County and Showcase Homes of Malta, were able to provide an affordable, good quality home for her family.

Lucas and Jenna A.

Lucas, Jenna, and their two daughter received their new manufactured home through Rebuilding Together Saratoga County and Showcase Homes of Malta. It is the fourth manufactured home replacement project that Rebuilding Together took on within Saratoga County since the program’s launch. Lucas and Jenna’s family is benefited by Energy Star appliances, secure home structure, and enough for their family.

Dan, Dakota, and Henny R.

Through Rebuilding Together Saratoga County and Showcase Homes of Malta, Dan quickly turned his life around.Their previous home had poor installation, and even the back wall wasn’t adequate enough for a safe living space. We stepped in to help Dan turn things around at home, and build him a better, safer home for him and his pets. His new home is securely built. It is also warm enough to keep him and his pets comfortable during those winter nights. All his appliances are brand new, and have functional furniture and appliances within his new home.

Family security and safety will always be something that families worry about. With the help of Rebuilding Together Saratoga County, and Showcase Homes of Malta, we can ensure a safe and secure housing alternative for families in need. Together, we can improve the lives of our neighbors.

Everyone wants affordable, functional homes; and the modular raised ranch may be the perfect type of home for you. A raised ranch is a one story home, built with a split level entry, while sitting on top of a raised foundation. The raised foundation creates a lower living space without really raising construction costs. The lower levels usually have two car garage and a utility room, along with other miscellaneous rooms. However, the upper levels contain the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living room, and the dining rooms.


The Benefits


  1. Elevating the foundation can potentially solve problems caused by a high water table.
  2. Helps minimize excavation costs on a sloped property.
  3. The low side of the lower level, or basement, can be used as a drive under garage if it’s on a significantly sloped hill. (It’s more affordable than having an attached garage).
  4. You can have your lower level have larger windows, due to the raised foundation.



The Difference Between Split-Level and Raised Ranch Homes


A split level home is a low ranch house that came split-level to accommodate growing families for more rooms and personal space, while having the same economical footprint. It divides into a double height zone in the middle section of the home, which is usually garage below and bedrooms above; while the slightly lower section contains all the necessity rooms you need, such as the dining room, kitchen, entrance, and so on.


Raised ranch homes are a little bit different. You walk through your front door at ground level, and you climb the stairs up to reach the living room, kitchen, and dining room. The bedrooms are typically on one side of the of the raised level. The ground level usually has another flight of stairs to reach below, and usually has a finished basement; which can serve as an office, den, etc. The garage is usually attached, which is situated ground level.



Gone are the days of the old, 1950’s modular home plans. Often custom built, modern home manufacturers offer a huge variety of customization options, and also offers many different styles. Using steel frames instead of wood means the walls and ceilings can be replaced by windows; and it also can make the room look more spacious and can also be built up and out.



What Are the Benefits?


  • Faster building
  • Lower costs
  • Future additions
  • Completely customizable
  • Eco-friendly


To learn more, and in detail, please read our article: Why It’s a GENIUS Idea to Purchase a Modular Home from Showcase Homes


What About Building Codes?


Modular homes are build under the same building ordinances and code as traditional built homes. They also follow a building code the HUD code, that ensures that you and your family will live in a secure and safe home.



Being Contemporary: How to Create a Timeless, Modern Floor Plan


The windows, flooring, plumbing fixtures, and millwork offered by our manufacturers can serve as a beautiful background for design trends! These trends include accent pieces such as rugs, small furnitures, artwork, pillows, and so on. These are the types of items that can be switched out quickly, and redecorated effortlessly, at anytime you need!


Here are some quick little ideas for a modern home design:


  • High door frames
  • Lift and slide doors
  • 12” wide planks
  • Custom modern or luxurious millwork
  • Well placed and high end lighting
  • Modern windows
  • High ceilings


A modern modular home is a great investment! It comes with a long list of advantages. Hopefully, this can be the start to beginning to understand what makes them so beneficial when compared to a traditional, site-built home.

Now that Millennials are starting to have increased spending power, they represent the majority of first time buyers in this generation. However, instead of buying a traditional site-built home like the older generations, there’s an increasing number Millennials buying manufactured home! There are three reasons to that: Beneficial, energy-efficient, and affordable.


The great thing about investing in a home from us, Showcase Homes, is that you’ll never have to choose between practicality and luxury. You can easily have both with the variety of floorplans and manufacturers we have to offer here! Millennials also need homes that adapt to their lifestyles. We have everything you need from swimming pools, fireplaces, decks, to carports; all affordable and all completely customizable!


Why Affordability Is So Important


Millennials are carrying loads and loads of student loan debt. According to the Institute for College Access & Success, 7 out of 10 seniors in the class of 2014 graduated with student loan debt; with the average borrower owning $28,950. They’re having trouble paying these student loans back, and that is due to the unemployment of young adults, which was 6.5% in January 2014. Many of the Millennials are incredibly underemployed (51%), according to Accenture.What does it mean to be underemployed? Here is the criteria:


  1. Their knowledge, skill, education level, and abilities exceed the education level that is required for the job.
  2. The desired occupation or field of employment does not match the occupation or field of employment of their current job.
  3. Although they prefer full-time jobs, they are only offered part-time jobs.


Combining both high unemployment, and the underemployment rate, you can see why Millennials are doing the following:


  1. Living with their parents longer.
  2. Delaying parenthood.
  3. Delaying marriage.
  4. Delaying home buying

    That being said, high housing prices can make it difficult for anyone to own and buy a home, including Millennials. Buying a home in the past was considered a safe and secure investment, but with how the prices are in the modern day, that is hardly the case. In order for Millennials to own a home, they must have the stability and not just their finances, but their lives. Buying a home means investing in a home that you can afford in a long-run.

    There is Hope: Modular and Manufactured Homes

    Yes, there is indeed hope! The increasing popularity of modular and manufactured homes are catching the eyes of more and more Millennials as of late. There are more than just one benefit when owning either modular or manufactured homes:

  • Affordable: Manufactured and modular housing is all the quality of a site-built home, with a much better price point. They provide the highest quality at 10 to 30 percent cheaper per square foot than site-built homes.


  • Eco-friendly: Manufactured and modular homes are much more sustainable than a new construction, which can easily help to reduce carbon footprint. There are many EnergyStar options for manufactured homes, and the structures can potentially have additional upgrades such as solar panels. Construction of manufactured and modular homes also produces less waste than traditional, site-built homes.


  • Customizable: Manufactured and modular homes are infinitely customizable, whether you’re looking for sliding barn doors, or a home library of your dreams. With traditional, site-built homes; the homes are not as customizable or as flexible.

The world of tiles is wide, spectacular, and diverse; with seemingly endless variety of options and products. Tile flooring and wall products are offered in a large range of textures, patterns, and sizes. When combined with the spectrum of grout and glaze options, there are so much more design tile options for your home!


Here are a few selections that could help you find the best combination of aesthetics, style, and performance that not only fits your home, but also fits your budget.


Large-Format Tile:


Large-format tiles shares lots of styles and function benefits, as it has a large impact, aesthetically pleasing design, easier maintenance, and maximizing your space. Large-format tiles, also called LFT, have grown much bigger today than in the past, and the industry continues to experiment and grow through new technologies. Today, the large-format tile is anything with one side that exceeds 16”.


Large-format tiles are an incredibly versatile design option, and they can both come in square or rectangular shapes; or either in ceramic or porcelain. It also has the ability to make the room look larger than it actually is, without overwhelming your space!


One of the most important things that large-format tiles is that they minimize grout joints, creating a really glamorous design. Not only is it much easier to clean and requires less maintenance, but it can create an elegant and crisp look.



Geometric Tiles:


Designs and trends come and go, and are constantly evolving; allowing you to create the ultimate expression of your imagination and self-expression. The iconic shapes and patterns of geometric tiles allow you to make a bold statement in any space. Geometric tiles can include shapes such as squares, rectangles, polygons, diamonds, pyramids, ovals, hexagons, and so on. There are so many different variations, designs, and shapes with geometric tiles; there are limitless possibilities!


Geometric designs can be printed on the tile, and create an artsy feel for any space; these types of patterns have universal use! You can either use it as an accent wall to create a bold focus point, or it be used sparsely to create a more artistic statement.


Shapes such as diamonds, hexagons, rhombuses stand out compared to other shapes such as rectangular or square shapes. If you want to make a bold statement, geometrically patterned tile is the key to making a bold, flashy, and bright statement. You should try to create your own geometric designs with tile, as this will attract the inner bold and artsy designers in you. Not only will you be able to have full control of what you want, but your tiles can be used as a form of self-expression!



Gilded Tiles:


Gilded tiles can either give a modern luxury design or an art deco design; maybe even a blend of both! So, what defines gilded tiles? First, it is inspired by art deco, which became popular around the first World War. It became a symbol of luxury, with glamorous craftsmanship. It is usually mistaken with geometric tiles, however geometric tiles provide simple outlines or shapes; while gilded tiles have a blend of many tile styles and have enough versatility to be customizable to fit any room. Mosaics of geometric designs such as diamonds or hexagons are a good place to start.


Reflection on gilded tiles can add an element of shine as well as open up space. This can compliment the gold, glamorous feel of the gilded tiles. Reflection can also create a brighter and lighter feel to smaller or darker rooms.



There a endless options of tile designs! Hopefully, these few ideas have given you an idea of what kind of aesthetic you’d like in your home!

Insulating your new home properly is one of the most important things you can do to stay eco-friendly, and you can save money in the long run! Modern homes are some of the most and best insulated homes built.


Insulation placed in homes is to help keep a consistent temperature and to lower the heat transfer; which also means insulation prevents loss of heat during the cooler seasons and helps prevent heat from entering home during the warmer seasons. Making sure you have a proper high quality insulation can help keep energy costs lower, due to the fact that the heating and cooling system doesn’t have to be used as much to maintain temperature.


What is “R-value?”


The “R” in R-value actually stands for “resistance”, such as resisting transfer of heat. The higher the R-value is, the more resistance the insulation has against heat transferring through. The ceiling insulation usually carries the highest R-value, because of heat rises; thus, also helps prevent the heat from escaping through the tops of your home (roof area) during the colder seasons.


The maximum heat transmission levels vary from state to state, and are split in zones called U/O Value Zone Map. The map shows the insulation that goes inside manufactured homes to ensure that it does not exceed the HUD (United States Department of Housing and Urban Development) maximum.


The U/O Value Zone

The U/O Value Zone


Safety Precautions you Should Take With Insulation


The HUD Code are guidelines for manufactured housing, and carry a lot of safety regulations. This includes the fire safety requirements for insulation. To ensure fire safety, manufactured homes abide by flame spread rating requirements. The HUD Code also gives guidelines on smoke- developed rating equipments for insulating materials; which measures how much a material gives off as it burns. Having a limit in place for insulation within manufactured homes can help increase the safety of homeowners in case of a fire.

We can ensure you that our manufactures have the quality insulation you and your families would want in your home. The insulation that are constructed is compliant to proper requirements to help keep you safe. If you’re interested in either a modular or manufactured home, be sure to contact us!: Call us at (518) 580-1305, visit our Facebook, or send us your questions here!