One way our manufacturers build efficiently, is because most of their materials are cut and measured for the building process. Appliances, cabinetry, and many more are constructed by trained craftsmen and are ready to be properly installed within your home.


Why Does Construction Time Vary?


As you may have already seen, we offer a wide variety of homes here at Showcase Homes, from a wide variety of manufacturers. When a home has more rooms, sections, or customization options, it usually takes more time to build. The simpler and smaller home designs are faster to build, because they have less variance in the building process.


The trained team members working on the home will check that it your future home meets all expectations and building requirements before moving to the next step in the building process.


How Long Until You Can Receive Your New Home?


One of the most common question we get is, “How long will it take till I receive my new modular home?” Well, this actually varies on the amount of home orders and customizations our manufacturers receive. Each manufacturer has a different backlog, which refers to the build up of home orders, and the amount of homes in the backlog also varies seasonally! However, if you buy a modular home that’s already built and move-in ready on our Showcase Homes lot, then it takes a lot less time to get your home.


The Advantages of Building Your New Home Within the Facility of Our Manufacturers.


  • Minimize material waste
  • Protect your home from inclement weather
  • Maximizing building efficiency while minimizing your wait time
  • Periodic inspections of your home through the building process


In the summer, more people are drawn to spending more time outside in their backyard! However, how can you enjoy the outdoors without having the space as comfortable as you’d like? Find out how you can spice up your backyard here:


Hang unique sconces. Add some unique accents overhead and extend your outdoor space hours by hanging sconces above your backyard dining table! Using sconces of different shapes hung at varying levels can provide a fun focal point for your outdoor living!


Covering up the ground. Adding grass or mulch to your ground covering for the backyard can be cozy, but it’d be cozier if you covered that with a nice rug. Adding outdoor rugs or even a deck can give your backyard a more inviting, comfortable backyard space.


Multi-leveled backyard. A leveled outdoor space provides the options for creating separate areas to relax, entertain, dine, or cook. Metal steps that connect to each level can give the space a naturally elegant vibe.


Pop of color in chairs. Your outdoor chairs can provide a small but bold change in your backyard. Having a wide assortment of different chairs in different colors can add flare and spice to your outdoor living space.


Fireplace as a focal point. A large fireplace offers a beautiful focal point. With a variety of seating options, dining table, chairs, and stools can make this the perfect spot to entertain by cozying up next to the fireplace.



Whether you’re building your home from scratch, choosing a pre-made floorplan, or moving into a move-in ready home, windows will be an important aspect in your design. For windows, home builders across the country use materials such as vinyl, wood, and fiberglass. Windows provide more than just the basic functions, such as providing a view and letting the light in.


What are your needs?


There are many different types of windows. The windows you choose for your manufactured or modular home can help define the style of your house; whether it’s traditional, modern, or other. You can customize any window to suit your tastes and needs here at Showcase Homes.


Types of Windows


Double-Hung Windows. This window has two sashes that slide up and down, vertically, within a frame. A sash is a frame that holds the glass.  These types of windows have been here since the Medieval times and are the most common types of window in America.


Single-Hung Windows. With a single-hung window, only the bottom part of the window operates while the top part remains still. Due to the fact that only one part of the window operates, single hung windows cost less to buy usually.


Casement Windows. These windows are hinged and operate by turning a crank in an operating mechanism. These types of windows are most common in newer homes. Casement windows are easier to operate because of their slide rail mechanism, which carries the weight of the window.


Awning Windows. Awning windows are hinged at the top, and open outward to let in air from the left, right, or the bottom of the window. These can also be installed alongside a stationary or an operating window.


Picture Windows. Picture windows are fixed and do not allow airflow to pass through, because they do not open. They are usually installed high on walls or hallways and lets in the maximum amount of light and views from the outdoors.


Bay Windows. Bay windows create angels and projections on the exterior of your home, by allowing light to enter through different angles. They can be opened to create airflow with their lateral panels.


Transom Windows. Transom windows are narrow windows that operates to let in air, but it can also be stationary and mounted right above a door or a window.



Certain features in your home and appliances can help the process of excess humidity. A home needs some moisture in the air for comfort and health, but if it’s too high, it can be trouble. Your hands get clammy and the smell of mildew is in the air. How should you reduce indoor humidity quickly?


How to tell if your home is too humid


It might be blatantly obvious that your home has too much moisture. It may feel like you’re entering a sauna when you walk into your home. Less obvious signs could be water stains on walls and ceilings, mold inside the bathrooms, or condensation on windows. High levels of humidity can potentially have negative effects on your health, sleep, and home.


How to reduce indoor humidity.


Dehumidifier. The best way to reducing humidity indoors is a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier can help lower the moisture in the living space by drawing water out of the air. You can usually find portable dehumidifiers in any department or hardware store. For permanent residence, an HVAC specialist can be contacted about installing your appliance. If you do not own a dehumidifier, there are a few hacks you can use to dehumidify your home without one! These methods are fairly easy and uses equipment you would already have at home.


Ventilate your room. Keeping your home ventilated, especially in areas that create more moisture (such as a bathroom or kitchen). Open the windows and doors as much as possible and keep vents or fans on to ensure ventilation.


Cat litter. Spreading cat litter on to a shallow baking pan, and then placing it in a secluded area of a room can lower the humidity. The cat litter will draw moisture from the room.


Air conditioning. Turning on the air condition not only cools a room, but It can help reduce humidity especially during humid weather. Cleaning your AC filters units regularly can help ensure dehumidifying. If AC filters are clogged, they can slow down air flow and won’t be as efficient in reducing humidity.

Whether you’re attending a neighborhood block party or having a small gathering at your abode with your close friends and family, these ideas are guaranteed to make you holiday fun!


Go for a bike ride. Have an active day on your day off and grab some friends or family for a group bike ride before the party begins!


Have a pool competition. Set up a game between family and friends with swim races and games, such as a cannonball contest or Marco Polo!


Celebrate on the beach. If you live near enough to a beach, pack up and plan a fun day out in the sun! More than likely, there will be fireworks if you stay until the evening.


Making homemade ice-cream. Have your family meet you in the back porch for some scrumptious homemade ice cream!


Find a firework show. Watch the sky light up with your family and friends by attending a local firework show!