Gardens for Small Spaces

A small garden space doesn’t mean you can’t have the dream garden you’d want. Here are some small garden ideas to help maximize your space.


Mailbox Garden. Add a huge impact to a small garden by offering tough plants that stand up to the harsh growing conditions surrounding a mailbox. This type of garden tends to stay low and will not block your views while backing out of your driveway!


Herbal Garden. Herbs are relatively self-sufficient, and easy to grow. Watering only once a week should do the trick. Make sure you remember to water gently at the base of the plants to prevent runoffs and allow moisture to reach the roots.



Woodland Garden. Find a little 6×6 corner of your yard and color it in with a cheery, small garden. It could feature ferns that would look beautiful from spring to autumn.



Salad Garden. Here, your vegetables can share a four-foot square plot. If your best planting spot gets only four hours of direct sunlight, try to plant more leafy greens such as spinach or lettuce.



Luscious Flower Garden. Add some spice to your summer with the bold reds, oranges, blue, and yellow tones! Featuring plants such as morning glories, yarrow, daylilies, can count on the border to look good no matter how hot it gets during the summer!



Romantic Garden. Beautifully scented roses or daisies can make your small garden look more loving and caring. The varieties of flowers such as roses, daisies, and daylilies can hold up to drought and other tough weather conditions.