Move In Quickly with our Move-in Ready Homes!

Move in ready homes are ready on your schedule. Unlike stick-built home construction, we have models that can be ready for you in a matter of weeks if you have a chosen plot of land. There’s no worry about construction delays because these models had already been built in a controlled factory environment. You can just go ahead and start enjoying your new home!


If you’re not exactly sure what you’d like, the move-in ready homes can help you visualize. If you’re not quite sure what you’d like in your next home, visiting our lot models can help you discover the possibilities, and give you inspiration for your new home.

You can really save a lot of time. You’ll have all the advantages of a custom constructed home, such as less maintenance, brand new features, and more; with less hassle and expense going through the building process.


These homes have the biggest savings for highest value. You can find newer models on our lot for more affordable prices! Our display models are built with the most popular and new features, these homes have fantastic value.


For years, Showcase Homes have been prioritizing finding the best options for our customer’s comfort. Our move-in ready models have high quality materials and beautiful floor plans! We are committed to customer satisfaction, and we can guarantee our models can exceed expectations. For more information on our move-in ready modular or manufactured homes, please contact 518-580-1305 and visit us on!


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