The Increase in Need of Quality, Affordable Homes

In today’s world, manufactured homes now deliver outstanding quality homes with affordable prices, that can potentially be about 50% less per square foot than traditional site-built homes.These days, manufactured homes are primed for more growth to face the high prices of locally built, site-built home. This makes the manufactured homes more appealing option, especially since they’re much fancier now! Manufactured homes are customizable, and be upgraded.



The affordability around manufactured homes are because the indoor factory building process is extremely efficient. The manufactured homes are built to standard building code (the HUD code), with standard building materials, and are built mostly inside an indoor environment. The controlled environment removes any problems encountered with a traditional, site built home construction; which can include weather, theft, damage to material, and unskilled labor. The HUD code help regulates home design, construction, strength, durability, and energy efficiency.



The building materials for manufactured homes are the same as the materials used for traditional, site-built homes; which are engineered for wind safety and energy efficiency. According to the Department of Energy, the measures taken in an energy efficient manufactured homes are:


  • Adding insulation within your walls
  • Installing energy efficient windows and doors
  • General repairs such as caulking or ducts
  • Installing insulated skirting
  • Adding insulation to the belly
  • Adding insulation to your roof, or installing a roof cap


Manufactured homes are one of the safest housing choices that are available today.



The manufactured home business is growing, but houses aren’t getting cheaper; so why not look into buying an affordable, greener, manufactured homes?