Downsizing Done Right! Tips on How to Maximize Smaller Spaces

Downsizing is something we hear frequently, but what is it exactly? Downsizing is essentially moving into a smaller home! There are a few upsides: saving money, time, and having less clutter in your life!

So how do you know when you need to downsize? Over the years, many people have downsized not because they want to, but because the housing market crashed. The others opt to live in a smaller space because it’s close to work, or more near amenities. Here’s how to make the transition as smooth as possible:


Taking inventory. The first thing to do before doing ANYTHING is to take a close inventory of your belongings. Then ask yourself, if everything you had lost in a fire, what would you replace? Take stock of things that you hold dear or have a function and the things you could live without. As an idea, you can make three different lists: things you must have, things you can live without, and things you can replace. Your must-haves can come with you, the items you can live without could be sold, donated, or gotten rid of entirely. Your replaceable items can be reserved for things you could potentially sell to buy something smaller.


Determine your lifestyle needs. Think about what lifestyle you want to embrace when you move forward into downsizing. Do you have room for large, bulky furniture? How much smaller is your new home compared to the one you’re living in? Do you feel you should keep something because you spent a large portion of your money for it? It helps to ask yourself some questions.



Give yourself plenty of storage options. Once you transition into your new home, make sure to make use of all the available storage space. Under the bed storage boxes, shelving mounted on walls, and ottomans that carry storage inside; they’re all your best options if you’re moving to a smaller space. However, one rule when finding storage in a small space is to store up, not out. You can make use of your walls for storage and shelving, it will help keep things stay off the floor.


Quality and multipurpose. You should always go for quality over quantity. Choose generous pieces of furniture that makes of statement, instead of trying to squeeze too many pieces in one room. If you’re buying new furnitures when you downsize, choose furniture pieces with multiple functions. Also, looking for durable fabrics, since smaller homes often need flexible spaces, may benefit you!