Saving and Budgeting to Construct the House of your Dreams


Building a home has its highs and lows, even with modular or manufactured homes. No matter how excited you get, or how frustrated you get about finalizing your home, you can never forget that the house is your home and you’re the boss (for the most part). If you really want to save money, know what’s important to you and where you can save during the process. There are a lot of choices that can potentially determine how much you will end up paying. Here at Showcase Homes, we do our best to accommodate to you and your family’s needs when building your home. We can and will help you every step of the way to help you find your dream home all the while staying in your budget.


Figure out what you want early.


Sit down and figure out what’s important for you and your family when it comes to purchasing and building a new home. Figuring out what you and your significant other wants in a home and compromising would relieve some frustration from picking customization options in the future. Planning out clear expectations for what you are looking for and what you need is important to making sure the costs stay within your budget.


Do your research and communicate.


Come check out our on-lot models at our property to figure out what you would like in your new house. Setting up how to save during the process can help you better purchase your home without regret in the future. Make sure to communicate with us, Showcase Homes, when purchasing your new home from us. We can help you choose what your priorities are when it comes to your home. Let us know what’s important and seek our input when you’re trying to save; we can always clue you in on ways to save on the construction of your new home.


Look into building a smaller footprint home.


The bigger the home is, the higher the cost. If you have an abundantly large family, small homes many not make the cut. The point of a small home though, is to focus on the things you only need. Try to use small spaces in your home efficiently; it can help to open rooms within the home. The result will be incredibly affordable and simplistic, and you can potentially save a lot of money in the long run.


Make sure you know the cost of living for the location you want your home.


When trying to find which lot to place your new modular or manufactured home, a way to save in the long run is to buy a land in an area with a lower cost of living. Keep in my the cost of the home itself, costs of everyday necesseties, property tax, and so on.